10 Google Chrome Extensions for a Faster Browser

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Already known for its impressive speed, Google Chrome can work even faster to give you a better online experience through the use of optional extensions. This means that rather than changing browsers every time a new one makes new speed claims, you can stay with Chrome, knowing that you already have the speed you need.

These 10 Google Chrome extensions for faster browser performance will save time and help you do more online.

1. FastestChrome

faster chrome

FastestChrome comes from the makers of the popular Firefox extension, FastestFox, bringing the same speed and efficiency to the Google browser. Install this extension and you’ll save time by automatically loading pages, looking up words within the Chrome environment, searching based on highlighted text, and converting inline text URLs to clickable links.

2. Smooth Gestures

 smooth gestures

Smooth Gestures makes Google Chrome faster to use while navigating Web sites. Using the mouse or the keyboard, getting the information you need online has never been faster. Just install the Smooth Gestures extension and you will be able trigger all sorts of time saving actions from right clicking and moving your mouse. You can also create your own custom actions to make the Chrome work even faster for you.

3. Keyboard Navigation

keyboard navigation

Keyboard Navigation productive workers already know that the mouse slows you down when you’re trying to get something done. This extension helps you by bringing the same type of keyboard shortcuts from office applications to your Chrome Web browser. It might take some time getting used to mouse-free browsing, but you will enjoy the time you save from using it.

4. Quick Tabs


Quick Tabs builds even more onto a keyboard-intensive approach to Web browsing by allowing you to choose your tabs from the keyboard. Leave your mouse alone as you save time by quickly navigating between browser tabs with key instead. This extension is based on another speed-enhancing Chrome extension, Recent Files.

5. AdBlock


AdBlock nothing seems to slow down your online experience more than all those pesky ads. Google wants you to see them all, but thanks to AdBlock, you don’t have to anymore. With this extension installed, your pages load faster because it doesn’t have to load those advertising graphics that often come from third party servers.

6. Browser Button for AdBlock

adblock button

Browser Button for AdBlock. If you use AdBlock, you’ll need this extension to make your AdBlock settings quickly accessible without having to navigate to the extensions menu through the tools dialogue.

7. Speed Dial

  speed dial

Speed Dial will save you tons of time while using Chrome by replacing the default œnew page tab in Chrome with the logos from your most frequently accessed favorite Web sites. Everything about your speed dial page is customizable from the size of each thumbnail to the spacing between them. By visually entering your Web addresses, you will notice that your browsing experience becomes much faster in Chrome.

8. Quick Scroll

The Quick Scroll extension for Chrome helps you work faster by scrolling to your Google search results. After making your search, you’ll see the Quick Scroll interface appear in the lower right corner of your browser, giving you the chance to easily find text that you’re looking for on your search results page. A œmore matches option quickly fetches more results after you have perused the original list.  Check out the embedded slideshow.

9. Autopager


AutoPager Chrome lets you use Chrome faster by loading the next page of a site in the background as you read the first. This gives you continuous scrolling that speeds up the process of reading content on the Web.

10. Search Preview

search preview

Search Preview for Google speeds up Chrome by letting you catch a glimpse of pages returned in search results without the need to click on each one. 

Try all 10 Google Chrome extensions for faster browser performance and you will be surprised at how much better Chrome can work for you.

BONUS Chrome speed test video (Must Watch!):

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20 Replies to “10 Google Chrome Extensions for a Faster Browser”

  1. “Search Preview for Google” is probably not as useful as it was after Google released the preview feature for Google Search. Personally I prefer Google’s version better :)

    1. @Red: Preview search isn’t rolled out to everyone yet. Still in testing stages I believe. œSearch Preview for Google is how you get it right away.

  2. I’ve been pretty satisfied with the speed of chrome without extensions, but it’s nice to know that it could be even faster.

    What I do now is load up firefox with the extensions I want (like firebug) and then just use chrome for just surfing. This way I have a browser with the features I want (firefox) and the speed I want (chrome).

  3. if you spend much time on facebook, theres a cool chrome extension that will help you speed up your time spent browsing there. it does this by filtering out all the junk messages you dont want to see such as application spam and a customisable list of other message types you can hide, theres also a custom text filter to hide specific words or phrases, and you can also hide panels on the right hand side of the homepage that you dont want to see, like get connected, sponsored box, friend suggestions etc, check it out here http://www.fbpurity.com if interested.

  4. Great list.I like chrome for its speed.I didn’t knew about such plugins.Thanks a lot for sharing.I am using SEOquake plugin of chrome for SEO purpose..I will definitely go for few of them as well.

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