3 Ways to Automatically Backup Your Flash Drive

thumbdrive 3 Ways to Automatically Backup Your Flash Drive

People are increasingly turning to flash drives, little pen-sized blocks which somehow manage to store a briefcase full of information, to carry their work or personal details around. While they’re satisfyingly convenient, their petite dimensions ironically contribute to the worst thing about them: flash drives are frustratingly easy to misplace.

Whether it’s your favourite playlist or sensitive information, here are a few automatic backup solutions to ensure that you never find yourself hanging in unexpected circumstances.

1. How to Automatically Backup Your Flash Drive with Windows

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SyncToy is a native Microsoft Tool that allows you to backup information located on your storage mediums with a single click. It works by œpairing two folders in different locations and updating the files in each so that they have the same content inside.

It even comes with three options: updating the files from Left to Right without overwriting them, updating and overwriting them, or updating bi-directionally. By itself, SyncToy doesn’t automatically backup your files, but it comes with a handy tutorial which teaches you how to use Window’s very own Task Scheduler to do exactly that.

2. How to Schedule Automatic Backups of Your Flash Drive

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As far as freeware comes, GoodSync is among the best you can get. It makes an effort to be classy (has a nice interface), is user-friendly, and does exactly what it says it will do. Like SyncToy, it makes use of the Left and Right concept to simplify the learning process.

Unlike SyncToy, GoodSync has a built-in synchronization setting which allows you to schedule when you’d like your backups to happen. This means that it backs-up your flash drive automatically as long as it’s plugged into your computer at the specified time (set it to whenever you frequent your computer).

3. How to Easily Customize your Automatic Backups for your Flash Drive

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If you’re prefer a more classic touch or just want to keep things simple, DSynchronize is a great tool with a clean interface which flattens the learning curve. All the appropriate checkboxes and buttons are where they’re supposed to be, and its simplicity stands out so much that you get the hang of it simply by œmuddling through, or experimenting by yourself.

Like GoodSync, it has a built-in timer, and even makes useful options like Autostart and Shutdown at the end available on the front page so you don’t need to dig into the œPreferences folder every time you want to tweak your…well, preferences.

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