30 Must-Vist Online Resources For Jogging/Running Addicts : The Ultimate Guide


Running can be a highly rewarding activity, and is an excellent way to keep healthy while having a blast doing it. Whether it rains or shines, if you’re at home or on a business trip, all you need are a pair of running shoes and a nearby park or trail to start hitting the miles and sweat off all that excess. For all you runners out there, here are 30 must-see online resources from a fellow runner to keep your running-high going strong while you’re sitting behind your desk.

Running Resources

1. How To Participate In A Regional Running Community


Time To Run acts like a holding company in that it heads a running website with subsidiaries in the US, South Africa, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland; and if you’re a resident in one of these countries, you’re bound to find solace in the connections you’ll make with other runners who live in your area. It features a sporty, clean interface which should appeal to iPod fans, and covers a wide variety of topics with strong advice. They also have a very much recommended Women’s Section, so do check it out if you’re interested.

2. How To Look For Effective Running Trails Worldwide


Run The Planet defines itself as a œWorld Wide Resource for Runners, and the truth doesn’t stray far from their claims. With practically thousands of running routes and races listed down, those who are looking for a route to participate in or would just like to try out someplace new to run can find their morning or after-work fix right here. They also have a section on events and races, so you can look out for races here as well.

3. How To Glean Youth-Related Running News


Are you a youth with a passion for running? Representing your school for a marathon this coming summer? YouthRunner is a running online magazine developed primarily with teenage and pre-teen runners in mind, and showcases a huge gallery of running events for kids and teenagers.

With respect to school-going runners, one can sometimes feel excluded from the World Wide Web as most running-related websites focus primarily on adults. With Youthrunner, there is plenty of news regarding runners from high schools and learning institutions around the country. From updates of track meets, to the performance of teenage triathletons and cross-training, you can stay updated on the going-ons at school level and even get in touch with others who exercise in the same field as you do. 

4. How To Visit An Online œRunning Library


Running Times is akin to a Batcave of running articles; it is literally an online œlibrary which caters to topics specifically related to running and running alone. The site is filled with œchapters on every possible topic you can think of which concerns running, and the articles here mostly make for rich reading.

Some of the more interesting sections feature impressive catalogs of articles from prominent runners, who tell their story on the site and talk about how they achieved what they have. It also has resources on training programs, blogs and podcasts, and the site provides some important information about ideal running form and on how to avoid injury. If you’re a runner, you should definitely check this site out.

5. How To Have Running-Related Discussions With Other Runners


Sometimes, you have an idea and want to get an opinion on it, but the established running sites don’t have a comment area suitable for asking your queries. It also holds true that sometimes the best places to find information aren’t from specifically created setups, but from social gatherings where people cohesively come to contribute their individual ideas. This is the basis for visiting RunningForums, which has a ton of posts relating to runners, and has a welcoming informal œright-at-home feel for posing your questions to other runners who are just like you. Whether you’re a beginner looking for advice, or want a recommendation on your new nutrition plan, this is as good a place as any to poke around.

6. How To Get Training Advice and Tips On Running


CoolRunning is a long-standing website dedicated to runners with a treasure trove of tips and advice concerning running. Wherever you are in the world, there is a readily updated schedule of events for your perusal, so you can hit up whatever run you want to whenever you feel like it. The site also provides great training tips and know-hows, and has a healthy community of runners which you can mingle around with if that’s your cup of tea.

7. How To Discover Half Marathons To Participate In Wherever You Are In The World


Looking for a 21K to run in but can’t find any decent picks around? HalfMarathons has got to be one of the most detailed websites dedicated to its topic, listing hundreds of half marathons around the USA at any one time for those who want to participate in one. There’s a page dedicated to each of the 50 states in the US, so if you live in the US you’ll definitely be able to find an event you can dive into.

International marathoners can rest assured as well, as there are links to running events in every continent around the globe – Europe, Africa, Asia and even in Antartica!!! They also have a page on race photos and message boards to contribute to, so if you’re still making up your mind on running in one, be sure to pay this site a visit!

8. How To Get Your Daily Fix On Running


Active.com acts as a headquarters of sorts for a huge family of websites concerning sports. It details articles concerning swimming, baseball, hiking and an assortment of other sport activities, but it pays a special amount of attention to running. There are training programs to be found here, and you can even set-up a personal running log, but its true value lies in its connections to its many sister running sites.

9. How To Look For Interesting And Useful Running Articles


Runner’s World is an established center of running-related information, and is a great place for runners to read up on useful tidbits and facts. There are articles on races here in America, nutrition programs to get the most out of what you eat, and forums to discuss your running antics with other fellow runners. You can even get advice on gear if you’re choosing a running shoe or are unsure of how to select the right apparel.

10. How To Stay On The Ball If You’re A Running Woman


Runners all belong to the same club, but it’s acknowledgeable that running women have different needs than their male counterparts; and when it comes to running, it sometimes can be difficult to look for answers to some of the specific questions which you might have.

Running 4 Women is a comprehensive site for women runners which addresses many of the common issues running women face, and accommodates a huge library of resources. There is a great community here which answers questions helpfully, and you can find articles on building up towards trail running and triathlons.

11. How To Stay Updated On Running Events If You Live In Boston


The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) is a sophisticated-looking website dedicated to keeping runners in Boston updated on the latest running activities in their own town. Their events page is regularly updated with 5Ks and marathon announcements, and they have links to upcoming runs, press coverage, sponsors and such. If you’re a runner in Boston or just want to keep up with the news, the BAA is definitely a site to check out.

12. How To Look For Marathons (42KMs!) To Run In


Running a marathon is the highest standard which all runners wish to achieve, so if you think you’ve hit your plateau with 10Ks and 21Ks, then look here. Marathon Guide is a product of Live2Run, a prominent running organization in the USA, and reliably displays recent news on marathons at their site. There’s a section here dedicated to the latest marathon events, so if you’re raring to join your first (or 5th) 42km, this is the site to visit!

They also have results on marathons happening all around the USA and in Canada, so if you’ve recently participated in one and want to find out how you did, you can look here. For the runner enthusiast, there’s plenty of info dangling in the aisles to keep your metaphorical running palates satisfied.

13. How To Exercise On The Side To Complement Your Running Activities


It has been widely known that having a healthy physique can help you achieve longer and stronger miles, and getting involved in other exercises to supplement your running can sustainably improve your stamina. FitLink has an absolutely huge database on sports activities ranging from baseball to yoga, and they have a healthy selection of running advice logged in as well. Since having a good physique contributes to running faster and further, it pays to check out some of their simple exercises to improve your core strength, or discover alternative side exercises, to help you perform better in your runs.

14. How To Prepare Yourself For The Ironman Event


Race360 is an endurance resource center which reliably provides links to running events around the country. They have an absolutely huge database on 5Ks, 10Ks and half and full marathons, and stay updated regularly enough to remain relevant to runners, so if you’re the kind of runner who just has to run one run after the next, you should definitely bookmark this site.

The site also displays connections to ultraruns, triathlons and cycling events, which together form two-thirds of the IronMan Event (running, cycling and swimming) – so if you’re prepping for the highest endurance race known to man, this is a powerhouse site that you’ll want to spend some time scouring out.

15. How To Keep Up With Running News In Chicago


Like its Boston counterpart, the Chicago Athlete website is dedicated to keeping Chicago residents updated on the latest running news in the vicinity. While the online site doesn’t cover all the resources which their print counterpart does, it still has a good feel of the environment by providing race dates and photos, and they have an e-newsletter which you can subscribe to as well.

16. How To Read Up On A œRunning Newspaper


RaceCenter is basically a newspaper which delivers a lot of running-related news, and has much to offer in terms of running highlights and events happening around the US. It pays an intricate amount of detail to news concerning running, and has a lot more real estate to exclusively cover running-related events than mainstream newspapers.

There’s a lot of news here which you rarely hear about in mainstream media, so if you’re interested to hear about things like how the national team is faring in the World Cross Country Championships or want to keep up with the highlights of the Terrapin Events, then RaceCenter is the site for you.

17. How To Have A Relaxed Read Regarding Running


RunAddicts is a professional running blog created by runners for runners, and sports an exciting splash-red background theme which reflects its contribution to its content. Being a running blog rather than an exclusive resource site, they cover interesting and uncommon topics such as how to cope as an unemployed runner, and training for senior citizens. It may not be as comprehensive as some of the other sites mentioned here, but it’s definitely worth your time to take a look.

Training Plans

18. How To Run 5 Kilometers Non-Stop (30 Minutes) If You’re Not Already A Runner


C25K, or Couch-To-5-Kilometres, is a specially cultivated training program for those who want to get off the couch and step into the sport, but are unsure how. The program provides a step-by-step hand holding process which guides them into running 5 kilometers with 6 weeks of running, gradually increasing the distance each time so participants can get the most out of their workouts without burning out. It truly is an innovative program, and has seen thousands of graduates around the world to attest to its success.

19. How To Graduate To 10 Kilometers After Finishing C25K


B210K, or Bridge-to-10-Kilometres, is the follow-up plan for graduates of the C25K plan. It basically teaches you how to move up from 5 kilometers to 10 kilometers in a non-demanding manner, and since running a 10K generally takes up to an hour on average, hitting the mark will feel like an achievement for many beginners. Since it sports the same interval nature as the C25K app, graduates of the first plan should have no problem easing into this one.

20. How To Plan On Running A 10K Right From The Start


If you’d rather start planning on achieving a 10K from the very beginning, then Ease Into 10K is probably the more ideal plan compared to the ˜C25K-B210K combo’ for you. It’s a 10 week training plan which guides you into running a 10K from couch potato status, so if you’ve recently been thinking about hitting the road, it’s worth giving this a go.

21. How To Run A 10K Non-Stop (1 Hour) After Reaching 5K


The One Hour Runner Plan is also a great alternative for those who have finished their C25K program, or are looking to progress to 10K after they have reached the 5K milestone. Unlike the aforementioned 2 programs, the One Hour Runner involves no intervals, so this is great for those who think that intervals are cheating or just like running without taking breaks in between. Just like the previous 3, it really is a great program for beginners, and is a smart way to get you off the interval hook since you’ll eventually have to give them up anyway.

22. How To Follow Nike’s Pre-Plans For 5Ks To Marathons


Nike Coach is a set of detailed plans for runners who wish to achieve a certain track goal, with programs for 5Ks up to marathons, and they sometimes even have training plans for specific runs such as the NYC 26k for those who wish to participate in them. You’ll have to sign up and login with a NikeiD (which is free) after accessing the link above before you can check into Coach, but it’s well worth the few minutes to review their available plans.

23. How To Get Involved In Fartlek Running


œFartlek is Swedish for œspeed play, and typically consists of spacing intensive intervals of full-out running in between jogging at slightly more moderate speeds during your workout, rather than going at a constant pace the whole time. The purpose of Fartlek is to build stamina by intervening intensive sessions in between more relaxed runs, just like how pumping iron in short sets gets you more results than performing them in one consistent long stretch. The link above details a pretty good picture of what it is about, and has a plan for you to try out if you’re interested.

24. How To Work Out With HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)


HIIT is basically the most intensive form of interval training around, and is designed to achieve maximum gains on cardiovascular performance through a series of extremely intensive workouts. Typical HIIT workouts involve high cardiovascular activity at your absolute maximum capacity, so while it can be strenuous on the body it brings with it its own significant rewards.

HIIT can take on many forms but running is one of its best applications; do take note, though, that this activity is geared towards intermediates and experts who have at least a moderate amount of experience in training, and is not recommended for beginners.

Shoes & Gear

25. Nike Running


Despite being a multinational company, Nike Running, and all its other divisions in general, manages to remain exceedingly relevant to runners and joggers who enjoy running. There’s a great selection of shoes here (naturally), and the way they tailor to a broad market makes most of their shoes compatible to most people – so no worrying about wrong fittings! They also have an online walkthrough here to guide runners in finding out if they are under- or over- pronating, and if so, on how to pick the right shoe.

26. RunHelper


RunHelper is a start-up by an extremely motivated husband-and-wife couple, Alex and Tanya, who have started developing iPhone and Android compatible apps for runners who enjoy running. They gear themselves particularly to beginners, and have created iPhone apps for the numerous œCouch and œBridge Programs to time runners during their sessions. It’s a great place to find out how the plans work, and supporting fellow runners is always an exercise in satisfaction.

27. Vibram Fivefingers


The theory goes that humans were designed to run barefoot, and that shoes impede the natural flow of running. Vibram has gone to great lengths in their attempt to achieve that perfect state by inventing a foot-shaped shoe which recreates that balance, and the result, the Vibram Fivefingers, has received critical acclaim by runners, hikers and sports activists alike for the supposed boost in performance which their shoes provide. If you’re curious as to whether the Vibrams are worth their weight in salt, then head over to their website to browse through their collection.

28. Running Warehouse


At a glance, Running Warehouse is completely dedicated to providing suitable apparel for runners; they have shoes from all the renowned brands (Nike, Adidas, Asics), running apparel such as singlets and sleeve tops, shorts, jackets, tights, vests, socks, gaiters, and accessories like nutrition bars or hydration packs. Whether you’re on your first run or your hundredth, you’re bound to find whatever it is you’re looking for right here.

29. Road Runner Sports


Road Runner Sports also provides an impressive arsenal of running apparel for the average runner and the running elite. They sell running shoes for men and women, and also delve into providing useful gear such as insoles and injury prevention items, which can be useful for those who under or overpronate. Their home page frequently displays discounts and clearance sales, so do look it up once in awhile if you’re planning on getting something for your run.

30. See Jane Run


The aptly named site is a running product site which caters specifically to women, and they provide an adequately large selection of accessories for the regular female runner. The site administrators have a good feel of what running requires, and they provide gear such as shoes for different feet conditions, short and long sleeves and tank tops for running, appropriate running skirts and capris, as well as books and standard running supplies.

This post was written by staff writer Aaron Pek

Do you know any good other running resources?  Tell us in the comments so we can make this post more valuable :)

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