4 Funny Web Comics to Brighten Up Your Day

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Amidst the rumble and tumble of daily life and work, sometimes what we need are sporadic spaces of relief in between our tasks to recollect our sanity; and didn’t they say that laughter is the best medicine? Be you a college student looking for a break whilst cramming for an exam, or a white collar wanting to fill your lunch break with something alternative, here are 4 excellent web comics which will tickle your funny bone, no matter who you are.


xkcd 4 Funny Web Comics to Brighten Up Your Day

Xkcd is the brainchild of Randall Munroe, an engineer-programmer for NASA turned comic artist who has successfully garnered the praise of readers worldwide for his highly entertaining web comic. Perhaps as belied by his background, Randall’s comics appeal to the student within all of us, using a complex assortment of topics ranging from love, math, politics and all manner of science to inspire our intellectual side while tickling us in the pituitary gland at the same time.

Xkcd differs from most mainstream comics in that the comics don’t try to make you laugh – they are always fresh and genuinely funny, and the perspectives from which the author considers when writing often provokes you to think twice and acknowledge its brilliance something which, unfortunately, is sorely lacking in the practices of our present-day commercialized industry. If nothing else, the comic is drawn with stick figures. Who doesn’t like stick figures? :)

2. The Oatmeal

theoatmeal 4 Funny Web Comics to Brighten Up Your Day

The Oatmeal is a highly satirical and abundantly sarcastic web comic which tastefully crosses the line of political correctness and makes you cringe while agreeing with everything it says. The comic was started in 2009 by Matthew Inman, and as with most indie creations, brings with it the rawness of personality that only an individual artist not tied down by deadlines and salary demands can command.

While it shares its spirit of newness and innovation with Xkcd in many ways, the similarities between the two comics sharply end there. Where Xkcd tries to impress with its intelligence and coaxes humor through understanding of a deeply meaningful topic, The Oatmeal bluntly pushes its way into everyday life and tries to extract laughs out of the little things which we all already know but don’t usually say out loud, which makes it all the more funny in its own unique way (i.e. the quirks of Facebook). This actually works out, as both comics arrive from such distinct directions that they can be enjoyed by the same people, at the same time – and are bound to create gaggles in your office or dorm room amongst your mates.

3. Dilbert

dilbert 4 Funny Web Comics to Brighten Up Your Day

Dilbert is a slight departure from the two comics above, in that it has been around for a long time and is highly recognized by even the man in the street – but that isn’t to say that it’s not funny in the least. The long time proponent of satirical office humor often sends readers into a cackle, and while the drawing style reminiscences the old-school nostalgia of the 90’s, it delivers the antiseptic atmosphere of the office environment with such accuracy that white collars should easily be able to relate Dilbert’s many office troubles with that of their own.

The web comic doesn’t detract from the print version in any way, and the full color strips are sure to please the eye of many an office boy or girl. Covering situations from what a boss would say if he was truly honest, to acting on impulse over conflicting decisions with co-workers, Dilbert is sure to delight readers by offering a window into the honest thoughts of the office worker and what they would do if they were allowed to act without restraint on them.

4. Penny Arcade

pennyarcade 4 Funny Web Comics to Brighten Up Your Day

Penny Arcade is a highly acclaimed web comic by the tech community, mostly because it delves into topics which most in the community are already familiar with. It pulls the leg of famous games and new device releases, and it’s always enjoyable when something we can relate to is delivered a dose of sarcasm and humor over its obvious quirks and flaws.

The web comic is drawn in a sharp pencil style, and the attention to color and detail is remarkable relative to most other web comics, comparable even to some of the more famous established comics in the wild. If you can appreciate the approach and culture which it hails from, you’re sure to have a blast catching up with the antics of the characters in Penny Arcade.

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