5 Ad Blockers For Faster Internet Web Browsing

It’s a fact of life that the Internet industry runs on advertisements – it’s the source of their revenue streams, a necessary evil to financially support the infrastructure which run the websites we’ve all come to know and love. However, like homework, just because they’re a fact of life doesn’t mean we have to like them. Here are a few ad blockers which should go a long way in making your web experience clutter-free.

1. How To Block Ads Which Appear On Mozilla Firefox

adblock plus

By far the most infamous of the ad-blockers, Adblock Plus has been so recognized by the tech community that it has earned a permanent place in many a Firefox users’ extension base. Adblock Plus works by blocking all HTML and Flash scripts of advertisements, including banner ads and flashy dynamic commercials from almost all websites you may encounter.

As a bonus, the software works in such a way that it can trace certain malware domains and prevent them from incurring additional harm to your computer. Best of all, Adblock Plus is easy to install: either visit this page or navigate to œTools -> Add-Ons -> Get Add-Ons from your Firefox toolbar and search for œAdblock Plus.

2. How To Disable Advertisements On Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer has been the market leader since it beat Netscape in the browser wars, but despite having enormous financial backing from Microsoft, it still hasn’t gained quite the same amount of attention from developers as Firefox and Chrome in terms of third-party support. There are a few ad-blockers which work on Internet Explorer, such as KH Blocker, but by far the best news for regular IE users is that their latest revision sports an in-built ad blocker of sorts.

We’re referring to the new InPrivate feature (which is bundled with IE8 and above), as an option for users who prefer to surf the web in private. However, if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, you can head to œTools -> Manage Add-Ons -> InPrivate Filtering to specify how many times a certain type of content is allowed to appear before it gets blocked. This works by indirectly blocking advertisements after they show up a certain number of times, so you get a free ad-blocker right out of the box!

3. How To Remove Ads From Google Chrome


Google Chrome is relatively new in the market place, having been introduced barely 2 years ago – but it has surprisingly managed to gather a tight following among developers producing extensions for it. Having said that, the ad-blocking community still hasn’t caught up to speed with Firefox’s offerings, as their ad blockers merely hide ads from the user’s view, which doesn’t really help in improving loading speeds.

Enter AdSweep, an advanced solution for advanced users who really want to remove ads from Chrome. Their detailed instructions involve having a basic understanding of script writing, but if you manage to pull this off, it’s even more effective than any available ad-blocker as it injects itself into the core of the program. AdSweep also works on Opera and Firefox browsers, if you happen to use them.

However, if diving under the hood is too much work for you, then head on to AdBlock+ for a quick and easy ad-blocking solution. Take note though that since the developers haven’t fully provided support for the software, it may also unintentionally block RSS Feeds and sites like Google Reader, so remember to include exclusions for these items if you frequent them regularly.

4. How To Quell Distracting Advertisement From Within Safari


If you’re on a Mac, then you’re probably using Safari instead of the aforementioned browsers. While not as popular, Safari still accounts for more than 4% of the total market share, so it’s still a noteworthy mention.

GlimmerBlocker works right out of the box and provides an efficient solution for removing advertisements from your Safari web browser. It has gathered positive reviews from many users as an ad-blocker which œjust works, and the developers appear to be reliably contributing to updates whenever they are required. They’ve even provided step-by-step instructions on their site for uninstalling GlimmerBlocker from your browser!

5. How To Surf The Internet Ad-Free On Your Android Device


Since the inception of the iPhone, it has become increasingly common to surf the web on your mobile device. Currently, the iPhone doesn’t serve any convenient ad-blocking solutions, but if you’re using an Android device, then the free Dolphin Browser HD is right up your alley.

What’s great about this alternative web browser is that it incorporates ad blocking technology natively, so you can toggle between viewing ads easily from the settings page. This is an amazing step forward in web browsing on a mobile device, since these handhelds tend to depend on slower connections which really get bogged down while loading resource-heavy Flash advertisements.

This post was written by Aaron Pek.  If you want to become a Friedbeef’s Tech writer, just contact us here.

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  1. @James: True, but there’s always the argument that you hurt publishers – like myself for instance haha, but I’m cool with anyone using this to define their own web experience.

    @Olius: For iPhone try Atomic browser (It’s not free tho – but worth event cent)

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