5 Easy Ways to Clean up Your Music Collection


We often listen to songs in digital formats such as MP3, as they are small and convenient. Since many MP3 files often come with incorrect or missing song information (tags), organizing them in a playlist is a tedious experience – duplicates, inconsistencies in artist or song names, etc. The problem is further compounded when your music library is huge – searching the web for song information individually becomes a chore. Here are some tips on how to obtain tag information and album art for your songs.

1. How to obtain album information and art from the Internet

1 mediamonkey

MediaMonkey is a freeware all-in-one media player. It has an automatic MP3 tagging and album art lookup function which will automatically search sites like Amazon.com for song information such as artist name, song title, track number and more. It can do this automatically for all songs in a same album, so you won’t have to edit them individually.

2. How to tag songs with forgotten names

2 musicbrainz

At some point we might have an MP3 file lying around the computer with absolutely no song information in its tags or filename, and its tune wasn’t able to evoke a memory of its title nor artist when played. Picard by Musicbrainz solves this by using a highly accurate ˜acoustic fingerprinting’ technology. Just click on scan and the program will generate a fingerprint of your music file, matches it with one in its database, and automatically rename your nameless song.

3. How to massively tag or obtain song information for your MP3s

3 mp3tag

Want to change the artist name of your entire Beethoven collection from œBeethoven, Ludwig van to "Ludwig van Beethoven"? MP3tag does mass renaming and tagging for common song information using a rather straightforward interface. The software is also hooked up to song information databases such as freedb.org and Amazon.com, so you can search for missing song information and tag them on the fly. This program can also embed album art images.

4. How to accurately search for album art and covers

4 AllCDCovers.com

With physical CDs being replaced by digital files, the album art feature in MP3s allow us to œsee the music we hear – a loose reminder of flipping through CD covers back in the days. AllCDCovers is a website with a huge collection of album art and cover images, which can be downlaoded and embedded into music files using software such as MP3Tag.

5. How to automatically tag songs while ripping CD tracks into MP3s

5 audiograbber

With the advent of the iPod and portable media players, there is no longer a need to carry CDs around. Those who want to convert their existing CD collections into MP3s will find it convenient to have a program that does both conversion and tagging. Audiograbber is a powerful alternative to Windows Media Player and iTunes which can encode CD tracks into a variety of formats while obtaining CD information from freedb.org, so that no CD rip goes untagged.

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