5 FREE Java-Based Chat Apps for Mobile Phones

java 5 FREE Java Based Chat Apps for Mobile Phones

As I’ve been pretty lazy to carry my laptop around, but I like being in touch with my online contacts, I thought it might be a better idea to install a chat client in my mobile phone.

Once only possible for people with smartphones and the likes, the availability of Java apps has made œnormal phones pretty smart. I’ve scoured the net for Java chat apps which work on my Sony Ericsson K750i (yes, I’m still using that) – it’s old but still does everything well. If the apps work on my phone, it’ll work better on your newer, fancier phone (but I can’t guarantee that, of course).

1. How to Skype on Your (Apparently Outdated) Phone

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Skype Lite is a free Skype App,  took a few seconds to log in but the interface is very handy for mobile. You can chat with multiple contacts in different windows by scrolling right or left including group chat. The phone vibrates and a œmissed call icon is displayed when new message arrives. Skype calls are also possible if you have skypeout credit.

2. How to Keep Your eBuddies in Your Palm

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eBuddy mobile is a multi-network messenger. Just like its web-based counterpart, eBuddy connect you to AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Myspace, Facebook, Gtalk. Overall very easy to set up and fast to use, especially with tabbed interface, scrolling through your chats is a breeze. You can even choose your own theme for the app. This app is good if you’re not into meeting new people and joining online communities etc.

3. How to Stalk Your Friends While Chatting on Your Mobile

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Palringo – what a name, I thought. This mobile messenger turned out to be the one with the nicest looking interface and most features. Although sluggish and unintuitive upon launch, it worked flawlessly once set up. It connects you to more networks than you can handle – MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL, Jabber, Gadu-gadu, Gtalk, iChat/Mobile Me, QQ and best of all, Facebook chat!

Depending on phone model, it can support voice and picture messaging. You can even share your location with the rest of the world or selected some (depending on your privacy settings) – if you like being stalked or like stalking others. Palringo automatically discovers your location based on network towers, Wi-Fi, or GPS and you have an option to update your status automatically. I feel that the chat responses are the fastest among all the apps I tested.

4. How to Chat, Share Photos and Make Cheap IDD Calls from Your Mobile

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Mig33 connects you not only to Yahoo, MSN, GTalk and AOL but also to millions of other mig33 users worldwide. This is especially cool if you like meeting other people besides chatting to your own contacts. Overall this app is pretty easy to set up and fast to use. I also like the clean and minimalist interface.

If you’re not sensitive towards heavier data use, you may also check out mig33 plus, the graphically enhanced version. The cheap IDD call rates are not really cheap in my opinion but that is always subjective on the current rates offered by your mobile operator but it is still a cool feature nevertheless. The only feature I don’t quite understand is the ability to send SMS via the app, can’t we already do that without the app?

5. How to Send Your Voice and Pictures to Anyone, Anywhere

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Rocketalk boasts to be the only application that lets me do video chat (as in not like a 3G video call but record a video and send it to someone), and it does support MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, AOL and ICQ. Although quite slow to sign in to my messenger accounts but I’m pretty impressed with how many features they packed into one user-friendly main page.

Besides using messengers, RockeTalk, like mig33 also is a community by itself, where you can have you own page, gallery and add other people as your œfriends.

This post was written by Jenny Kok who also writes about her Mac experiences on Made On Mac

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