6 Innovative Ways to Save Trees Online


The rates of rainforest destruction are 2.4 acres per second, 149 acres per minute, 214,000 acres per day and 78 million acres per year.  Just to put things in perspective, as you read this sentence, an area the size of 78 Olympic sized swimming pools would have been cut down.

To solve the problem of deforestation, we need to do all we can and here are 6 easy ways you can get involved as every little bit helps.

1. How to plant trees by searching the web


Imagine searching the web and saving the planet at the same time.  Ecocho is a free service, and it’s one of the easiest ways people can change everyday behaviour to make a positive impact on the environment.  For every 1000 searches that users make on ecocho.com, five trees will be grown to offset carbon pollution emissions.  Switching to ecocho.com doesn’t alter or slow your search as search results directly from Yahoo!

2. How to plant trees for $1


Part of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), plantabillion.org is a website which seeks to make funding for tree planting as easy as possible.  Simply put, every dollar you put into the site results in a single tree being planted. 

3. How to turn deserts into forests


Tree-Nation is planting trees in the desert to combat desertification and land degradation. This process will have many positive environmental and humanitarian effects.  This site allows you to sponsor a tree, where not only will your tree be planted, but it will benefit the local community from its produce (gum, fruits, alimentation, medicines, etc).  You’ll also be able to follow your tree as it grows through photos on the site.

4. How to plant trees by playing quiz games


JogoGreen is fun and easy way for people to learn more about being environmentally friendly, and actually make a difference at the same time.  When you answer 10 questions correctly, they have enough advertising revenue to plant one tree!  This movement has so far resulted in more than 100,000 trees being planted.

5. How to plant trees – in real life


If you’re looking for online resources on tree planting, look no further than WikiHow’s incredibly comprehensive guide.  This has everything you can imagine to support your tree planting exploits including many photos and videos to make things clearer.

6. How to cut down less trees


There are two ways you can take on deforestation.  Plant more trees, and reduce usage of paper.  If you’re looking to save paper, do check out this post on 3 eco-friendly ways to save ink and paper.  The more effective your printing becomes, the less tress you affect.

Would you help plant a tree?  Tell us in the comments!

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