8 FREE Ways to Send Large Files Online


Gmail, Yahoo, Msn and other email providers do not allow users to send large files by email. The maximum limit in all of these email services is 20 MB – which isn’t a lot if you want to send movies, videos, or large files.  The following is a list of free ways to send large files online. 

1. How to Send Multiple Large Files at Once

File Factory lets you upload files of 300 MB size. The convenient thing about File Factory is that you can upload multiple files (up to 25) at once. You can upload files from your Computer or from a remote server. The premium account lets you upload files from FTP or using a torrent file.


2. How to Send Large Files Without Even Registering an Account

YouSendIt is another file sharing service that has become popular in recent times. It lets you upload and share files of sizes 100 MB each. The site contains an email form and you can send an email containing your file from the home page itself where your uploaded file is available for download for only 7 days


3. How to Send Large Files via Firefox Extension

Another file sharing service is Drop.io which lets you upload files of sizes 100 MB each. The files uploaded can be downloaded any number of times and you can also password protect your files to retain privacy. If you are a Firefox fan you can use the Drop.io Firefox add-on.


4. How to Send and Password Protect Large Files for Security

TransferBigFiles lets you send large files of size 1 GB each by email. The files can be password protected and you can add a personal note to the email you send to the recipients. When your friends download the file, you will receive email notifications which is a feature. You can send the uploaded file to multiple email recipients with a single click.


5. How to Send up to 5GB Files for Free

The service which allows the biggest file to be sent in the list is File Dropper. This site lets you send files as large as 5 GB in size. You can upload movies, videos, executables, photos and possibly any type of file with File Dropper. The only downside with File Dropper is that you cannot upload multiple files at once.

After the upload is complete, you are given a personal link of the uploaded file. Just copy that link and you can email the link to your friends so that they can download it. There are no sign ups or registrations involved with File dropper. However, signing up has its own benefits as you will be able to keep track of your files, add password protection, mark files as private and delete files later on.



6. How to Email Large Files Without Having to Upload Them Anywhere

Tonsho is an interesting twist to the service.  Rather than uploading files yourself, you can use a normal email client such as Microsoft outlook and Thunderbird, and send your email normally.  Your email will then pass through Tonsho servers and if the attachments are too large, it will automatically upload it to a server, and provide the recipient a link. 

While this takes a lot of hassle away from the whole process, you have to be wary of email security.  I’m not sure I’m comfortable passing my email through anyone else’s server.


7. How to Send Large Files Using a Desktop Client

Dropsend is a free service which allows you to send files up to 2GB large.  While most of these web-upload interfaces work well, for me, nothing beats a desktop client.  It just feels more robust, and its certainly more comforting to use when you’re spending a few hours sending a very large file.


8. How to Send Large Files and Tweet them from your Phone or Desktop

FileSocial is one of the easiest ways to share files on twitter.  Just attach your file and a link will be posted to your file.  Sharesend is another alternative for this, but I’m wary about their non-usage of OAuth for twitter, so I’d recommend Filesocial if you want to send and tweet securely.


This post was written by Abhishek Palit who also writes other useful tips at his blog Softtricks, and James Yeang.  Do you want to write for Friedbeef’s Tech?

Which services do you prefer to send large files? Do let us know your views and suggestions through a comment.

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  1. Murphy says:

    Useful article. Thanks .
    Best regards and Happy New Year to you and your family !

  2. D©j  vu says:

    Hello and a Happy New Year

    Interesting post, already bookmarked for future consulting & use.

    Sort of a personal question: does your url par “friedbeef” mean something & why/ how did you choose it?

  3. mark poe says:

    I tried couple of them and they are the most suitable for media files, (vid’s, pic, music) since this is what we send it works the best.

  4. bookmarked so i can use some of them in the future.

    File dropper seems to be the most interesting.

  5. andy says:

    tried couple of them and they are the most suitable for media files, (vid’s, pic, music) since this is what we send it works the best.

  6. I use to sendtoperson .com but it’s not listed in here. So, let me tell why it’s different from others. Lets you use your own domain name and custom branding. You can also have unlimited user accounts, so you don’t need to manage users or licenses. The custom encryption key feature lets you send large file securely over the net. The feature of sending as large as 2 gigs and that to lots of recipients at the same time for free. You can forward the same file to other recipients without uploading it again.

  7. James Yeang says:

    Thanks – guys excellent feedback esp. on those other cool services…

  8. Bravebear says:

    There’s also DropBox. Check it out! :)

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  10. […] 8 Free Ways to Send Large Files Online – Gmail, Yahoo, Msn and other email providers do not allow users to send large files by email. The maximum limit in all of these email services is 20 MB – which isn’t a lot if you want to send movies, videos, or large files. Here’s a list of free ways to send large files online. […]

  11. Many thanks, James, for another incredibly helpful post–a perfect New Year’s gift. All the best in the new year and in the new decade!

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  13. Jayce says:

    So many file storage. I wish that my connection is fast enough to upload large files. ;)

  14. Jenny says:

    Great read! I’ve been using filetolink.com to send, share and backup my large files. It has similar features to the sites you listed but I find it a far superior. With filetolink I can upload as many files as I want all at the same time. I can upload files as large as 2GB and they allow an unlimited number of 2GB files to be uploaded. I have not yet needed to upload files larger than that. After I upload the file I can choose to copy the link, email the file or send it to one of many social networks (i.e twitter, facebook, etc). Oh, and did I mention it is free! :-)

  15. Danny P says:

    while searching I found a site called http://www.binfer.com.
    It is easy to use and there is no size limit to send the file. The most I like about it is. It’s FREE..

  16. […] you need to send large files but are limited by your email system? The Fried Beef Tech blog has 8 Free  Ways to Send Large Files Online.  I’m a big fan of You Send It, myself. […]

  17. Another option is File Apartment :
    – Proven
    – Easy to use
    – Supports up to 1 GB
    – Free option
    – No registration required or software to download

  18. Jean Simon says:

    This site http://www.shipyourdata.com allows you to :
    1- upload your files (up to 4Gb)
    2- They burn CD DVD or USB Key
    3- They mail it within USA or Canada within 12h

    When you want your recipient not to download: This is the ticket!

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  20. Vivek says:

    very Nice link !!

    generally i use this : http://www.senduit.com/

    But the link we get after uploading, gets expired in Max 1 week !

    So Sharing for short duration http://www.senduit.com/ is quite fast !

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  22. Mike says:

    TRY THIS.. Thanks to Danny, I used Binfer to send files directly from my computer to my contacts computer. Beats uploading any day.
    . No œmiddle man required . . It has saved me lots of time.

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  24. file dropper is so slow its basically unusable…

  25. chris says:

    sendspace.com worked for me though only up to 300mb free and ads on top

  26. Goku says:

    You can use http://www.1fichier.com

    Files up to 10GB each
    Support FTP & remote uploading
    Very fast
    100% free

  27. How about adding a client portal to your own site? I think that would certainly boost your business credibility. Check out The Client Space: it’s a complete client portal for small businesses. You can upload material for your clients to review, or clients can easily upload to their œspace.

  28. Shereen says:

    Cool! I need this article! Thanks for the tips!

  29. Stephen says:

    Stay away from filedropper for now. I signed up for their 99 cents per month plan, but more than half the time I cannot connect to the server. Super slow. I am going to cancel my subscription and give a different service a try.

  30. wumbrath says:

    If you really want a FREE service without any restrictions on size or speed you need to take a look at http://www.click2copy.com. We just launched the beta and we would love to get your feedback.

  31. Dimitry says:

    There is another service which is using a different strategy. It allows me to host my files on my own FTP/WWW server (I have a hosting from 1&1 with too much space for my little homepage) but allows all other functionality which other services have.

    With one difference – it’s totally free. The service is called Mailabit.

    What I like is that I don’t have to show my files to service admins. I don’t know who owns all of these services and with Mailabit I don’t care – they don’t have my files anyway.

  32. Tony says:

    Need to have files online for more than 15 days? Unlimited downloads? Check out Emaillargefile.com. I distribute my e-books for students via that site, I get a notification when each of them downloads a copy. Pretty neat!

  33. May I add a reference to our completely free service “Zeta Uploader”, too? No strings attached, all features free, since this is just kind of hobby project of me.

  34. Frank says:

    did some research and found http://b2bfiles.net

    has anybody used it? looks nice…

  35. M says:

    Only thing, that sucks in filedropper.com is, that you can’t see any info about the uploading. And as you can send files up to 5GB, it is reasonable to have feedback, if it will uplaod few hours, or few days :D …just good to know it.

  36. John says:

    Nice article, and some very handy tools! Sadly, drop.io has been bought out by Facebook, and no longer offers their service – so be on the lookout for a Facebook file-transfer utility to come out int he near future.

    Until then, my personal choice for large file transfer is Filesdirect (http://www.filesdirect.com) – easy to use, customizable dropbox, robust tracking and tons of free cloud storage (30GB to start). I think it’s a great tool for sharing large files. Plus, it’s completely cloud-based, so there’s nothing to download!

  37. Very useful list of tools, thank you for your work!

    Robin Good has also a nice list of services
    to send large files which currently counts
    more than 100 services, both free and paid:

  38. Bacons99 says:

    If you’re looking for a big file transfer solution for your organization or running your own home business, use JustAttach! http://www.justattach.com. Check it out!

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  40. […] If your vendor does not own his own FTP site, there are also a a plethora of 3rd-party solutions out there for sending large files way over 20MB, the standard limitation of most popular email clients like MSN, Yahoo, Gmail! For more info on these other large file-sending solutions, see  8 Free Ways to Send Large Files Online. […]

  41. MailBigFile says:

    Another alternative to use to send large files over the internet is http://www.mailbigfile.com. It’s a fast, simple and secure way to send your precious files when they’re too large for e-mail. Best of all, it’s free to use.

  42. cindy says:

    tried File dropper, but had to give my paypal details, so stop the process and tried transferbigfiles… seamless.. Thank you!!:-)

  43. Swathi Reddy says:

    Good news for mailers who are facing problem with big attachments.Now yahoo had introduced new feature where we can attach 100mb file size.Yahoo had used new technology Technology to add this feature.

  44. Gabe says:

    We need a lot more informative sites like these.

  45. Jason says:

    This is a great collection of resources for sharing large files. I often need to send large file to coworkers and clients. Another service that I’ve found is Bighugefile.com. You can send files up to 1Gb, and the upload times are impressive. Most of the files I send are around 200-300MB, and it takes only a minute or so. The interface is simple and you get a unique share link for each file. Anyway, thanks for the information!

  46. Pcmaster0 says:

    Users can also try these Google Chrome Extensions to share large files online..they provide much advanced features as compared to them http://www.pcmastero.com/2012/01/top-5-google-chrome-extensions-to-share-large-files-online.html

  47. swapnil says:

    file factory is the best

  48. jamesyeang says:

     @swapnil @jason @gabe Thanks :)

  49. ItsUploaded says:

    http://ItsUploaded.com is a good site that allows up to 2gb per file :)

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