10 Great Sites to Feed Your TV Addiction


Have you sometimes wondered how much longer conventional TV would be useful to us? It just dawned upon me 3 days ago that was the first time I switched on the TV in 2 months! Don’t get me wrong but I do watch TV shows and movies, it’s just that not on TV. In this era of media streaming and user created content, TV pales in comparison because of:

  1. Fixed airtime. We don’t like missing any episodes or rushing somewhere where there is a TV just to watch a programme (although that can be fun but very impractical most of the time)
  2. Loads of advertisements, regardless paid or free TV
  3. Can’t watch on demand (we like freedom to watch anything anytime, don’t we? Anyone without Tivo or the likes will share this notion)
  4. Fixed programming. We only get to watch what is being broadcasted.

I have been using the internet for my œTV watching pleasure for a while now and I’d like to share with you where I go to watch and discover new shows.

1. How to watch South Park Online


SouthPark Studios has the best collection of Southpark on the web. The whole 13 seasons in full episodes are there. The episodes are uploaded promptly, a day after it’s official airtime in the US, if I’m not mistaken. There might be ads in the episodes but other times not.

The quality is overall very good although not HD. What makes this site special are the bonus materials, songs and clips downloads, as well as news and materials not available elsewhere.

2. How to watch Family Guy online


Familyguyx.net has the entire series online – season 1-7. The site doesn’t host any videos but is rather like a very nice directory of all the TV episodes of the show including the synopsis. Every episode has at least one working link so the streaming speed and quality depends heavily on where the video is hosted. If one is slow, try the other. I find the full collection of episodes very nice but it’s just that pop-ups and ads are hard to miss when visiting this site.

3. How to watch full-length shows on Youtube

CBS on youtube

Has made moves to tap into Hulu.com’s market, providing full-length episodes of professionally made TV shows. CBS has joined youtube in this direction. The drawback is that only old TV shows (which still have its charms) are available for viewing.

If you’re a big fan of Star Trek, Beverly Hill 90210 (the original) or MacGuyver, you’re in luck. It’s bummer that viewers from certain countries are unable to view the channel due to œcopyright restrictions. Fret not, simply download and install hotspotshield and you’ll see the channel in its full glory.

4. How to make a catalog of 2 million shows at your disposal


This is one of my favourites. It’s a big catalogue with links to good quality streaming hosts. SurfTheChannel doesn’t host any content but rather serves as a link to numerous hosts. Some videos even have links to purchase on iTunes. This site has almost 2 million links in its database. It’ll keep one busy for a while.

5. How to watch MTV productions online


If you’re a music fan, you’ve got to love this site. Loads of music videos, photos, mobile downloads. What is interesting is also the fact that full episodes of MTV productions are also available online for viewing. You can even watch the 2009 Movie Awards including behind the scenes. I used to watch MTV on satellite, now I watch it free :)

6. How to watch Warner Bros TV series online


If you’re a fan of One Tree Hill, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Buffy, Angel among many others, this site is definitely for you. Full episodes are available for viewing but the episodes might be shuffled depending on series.  TheWB.com is currently only available for U.S. viewers (surprise!) but with Hotspot Shield , you’re good to go ;)

7. How to watch any random show when you feel like having a œlucky dip


Once in a while, we get bored of our usual series and feel like something totally different but not quite sure what to watch.  Google videos claims to contain millions of videos and they’re all uncategorized. So you’ll never know what you’ll find (in a good way).

Unlike youtube, google videos has anything from short clips up to full length shows of longer than 1 hour. On top of that, it also features and recommends similar videos hosted by external sites – aha! I have watched video short clips up to full-length documentaries on that site. I also find the video quality better than youtube. Try your luck!

8. How to turn your computer into your PVR


If you are an internet and TV addict but don’t have a TiVo or any PVR (like me), you’d love what I’m going to tell you. Introducing Ted, which can be your PVR, utilizing Bit Torrent technology. It doesn’t download but rather works as a scheduler and a torrent hunter for your torrent client

You can even schedule download prior to an episode’s airtime, and Ted will search numerous sites to look for healthy torrents, checks out the information and airtime of new episodes or shows, then ask your torrent client to download it – automatically.

9. How to expand your knowledge without reading and still appears flawlessly knowledgeable


In case you’re into documentaries, also check out topdocumentaryfilms.com. This site contains commercially produced documentaries hosted mainly on google videos. What I like about this site is that it has properly-written introduction and synopsis about every film like an article, just to get your interest to grow. When you’re convinced to watch, he video plays in the middle of the article, which is kind of cool.

10. How to grow your love for conspiracy theories online


Freedocumentaries.org on the other hand, contains more controversial types of documentaries. The site has a good-sized catalog of various interests and well-written short description for every show. If you like the film well enough, there is also a link to buy the original DVD.  Unlike topdocumentaries.com, the videos are hosted on youtube, so they are broken in parts for every show, which I find very annoying. Well, we can’t have it all, can we?

This post was written by Jenny Kok who blogs about Mac related matters at Made On Mac.  Want to write for this blog?  Become a paid writer for Friedbeef’s Tech today!

What sites do you use to get your online TV fix?  Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Nice list for for TV addicts. youtube and Hulu have really changed the face of web2.0 and made videos part of mainstream which was once available to only intranets in streaming formats.

  2. Hotspotshield is working, again, for “Americans outside of America”? As soon as I saw that claim, I checked the article’s date, and saw it was current.

    Did author Jenny check this out, and find the servers are no longer being blocked, and the speed is now OK for streaming video?

  3. @aery: Absolutely
    @RonCam: Sorry, what exactly do you mean? I’ve personally recently tried hotspot shield from Malaysia and it works.

  4. Wow, this all sites are really an incredible to Feed the TV Addiction.. I know about some of sites from this list like CBS, surf the channel, etc bt this is really an awesome list of sites.. Thanks..

  5. @James,

    I’m American Military (US Marine) and recently got stationed overseas in Europe and suddenly found myself no longer unable to access Pandora & Netflix (GEOIP blocked from outside the US). I tried Hotspot Shield and Proxies but they just doesn’t work consistently (always blocked by Hulu!) Also the same story for the other media sites (ESPN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox). Luckily, I finally found a work around for and can access both UK and US programming via a VPN connection.

    Also, here’s a good regularly updated list of all the current US & UK streaming TV media sites:


    Uncle Abe

  6. Great list you have here! If you want to watch south park online though, southpark studios only works for certain countries because of copyright laws which is why i use http://www.jolty.net to watch south park because i live in one of the countries who can use the official website but great list nonetheless. :)

  7. Thanks for the great list of sites. My wife and I are watching more an more shows online. We ended our cable TV subscription two years back and have been renting a lot of movies since.

  8. Great ideas! I love the show Workaholics so if anyone wants to watch it, go to workaholicsnow.com
    Such a funny show!

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