Text Link Ads on Friedbeef’s Tech

What is a Text Link Ad?

A text link ad is a when a sponsor wishes to buy a link inside a blog post. This includes buying links on existing blog posts, and disclosed sponsored reviews where I am required to link to certain sites using certain keywords in exchange for payment.

Policy on text link purchases:

We do not sell do-follow text link ads because it violates Google’s terms of service.  We do however sell no-follow text link ads.

What’s all this no-follow jargon?

Simple explanation: if all you’re doing is seeking out a backlink to your website just for search engine purposes, then don’t bother. 
If you are doing this giveaway to expose your product to thousands of our website visitors, and the thousands of people on our mailing list, then please proceed. 

To any human who visits the site, a no-follow link will be no different to a do-follow link.  Anyone will be able to see your link, clickthru it, and go to your landing page. 
The only difference is that search engine robots (not humans) will simply ignore the link from my site. 
Please note this will have no negative impact on your website.

Please see here for a full explanation on no-follow.

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