Bull or Bear? Trendio – The News Buzz Stock Market


What is Trendio?

Measuring Internet buzz may be useful, but the Web 2.0 brainchild of 21 year old French-Swedish Jens Agersberg is trying to making it fun. 

Trendio is a game based on current events.  It is a stock exchange where words from the news are the stocks, and the value of the words are calculated according to their presence in the media.  Aside from the gaming aspect of this service, with this information, it makes it possible to visualize trends in the media and try to predict what will make the headlines tomorrow.  All free, and all for fun of course.


The Good:

  1. Good design: The site design looks pretty slick making great use of tag clouds and a constantly updated news headlines to help suggest to you what’s hot at the moment 
  2. Quick Updates: You can see changes every 2 hours, so you can play throughout the day
  3. Subscribe to results: RSS feeds are used to keep track of your portfolio which saves a lot of time
  4. Wide range of topics: This service should appeal to any demographic.

The Bad (5 Things Trendio could do better):

  1. Allow private leagues: Performing in a community of strangers is one thing, but playing against your friends are a whole new ballgame altogether.  Being #1 in a group of 5 friends would give more of a kick than being #10 in a sea of 1000 strangers.
  2. Allow more than 1 keyword to be graphed: I’m searching through a bunch of keywords to buy, but I can only seem to graph them one at a time.  Part of the beauty of graphs is the ability to visually benchmark something against another, so it seems like a waste not to be able to do that.
  3. Speed up the site: Scrolling through some of the selections can take ages sometimes.
  4. Suggest related keywords for me: When I search for Teri Hatcher, I’m thinking of her involvement in ‘Desperate Housewives’, so give me an option to see stats for Eva Longoria as well.
  5. Better prizes for contests: This site launched in March 2006 – which means they already had one full year to develop.  Yet all the contests I see on the site have one prize only – Glory.  Which again brings me back to my point about private leagues…. Bragging rights mean nothing unless it’s among friends.

The bottomline:

Trendio is bit of fun to dabble around in the initial stages, but it does have it’s flaws. It definitely has potential though, and I might be inclined to give it another chance further down the road.

If you like buzz services you may want to check out Google Fight to benchmark the number of search items returned, and Google Trends.- an analysis of the number of searches made by Google users

Disclaimer: Trendio has paid me to review their service, and to give an honest opinion.  Please note that all opinions expressed in this post are completely my own, and have not been influenced by the Trendio in any way.

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