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How Much Should You Tip in Any Country?

How much you should tip

Get your head around service, and tipping situations which differ from country to country. The fastest way to check up those rates, and never feel embarrassed again.

How to switch Google profiles in Chrome WITHOUT using Incognito Mode


If you want to take the easy way out (instead of using Incognito mode), follow these steps

My Favorite Online Video Service [Frequency]


Frequency crawls all the various video services, and supercharges it by taking the best videos from all the services, and letting you browse them easily.

5 Great Ideas For Creating Successful Landing Pages


Most publishers are under the impression that the more descriptive and useful a landing page copy, the better will be the conversion. This is nothing but a fallacy and in most occasions, you will see that a really poor and short copy is performing better than its descriptive counterpart. In this article, we will explain why some landing pages converts and what are the general traits of successful and convincing landing pages

6 Money-Making Sites to Check Out…If You Haven’t Already


Need more ways to make money online? Here are some quick ways to do it.