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My Favorite Gmail Extension : How to Get Things Done Faster with ActiveInbox

Active Inbox

I’ve tested a whole slew of Gmail plug-ins but this is by far the one which meshes with the ‘Getting Things Done’ GTD philosophy.

Friedbeef’s Tech is Back :)

Friedbeef’s Tech is Back :)

Back from a long break – and ready to continue – thank you to everyone for all the help and support

How To Find the Perfect Color Palette For Your Website

How To Find the Perfect Color Palette For Your Website

When a visitor lands on your website, you have only a couple of seconds to make a lasting impression. (A positive lasting impression, I might add.) The easiest way to turn a reader away from your website is to have an annoying color palette with disjointed colors that don’t complement each other. A bad color…

8 FREE Online Computer Science Courses for Beginners and Advances Users


Many people want to learn computer science, but not many can afford to do so at the best institutions. Fortunately many of the best institutions in the world are opening up their courses so you can take a course from Stanford, MIT or Harvard simply by going online and learning at your own pace. Here are 8 ways you can take advantage of this.

How to Make Your Own Instant MashUps Online


Here’s the roll-your-own web mashup creator which is incredibly easy to set up – and will make the services you already love – even better