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“Save your work often”

That’s good advice which I tend to take to an extreme.  I’m usually so paranoid, I make multiple copies of a single document so I can have some form of revision control, and to avoid any pain in the off chance the file I’m working on becomes corrupt.  As a result, work my directories are constantly littered with multiple copies of the same file.  Not best practice by any means – I know.

FileHamster is a great piece of freeware which will manage all my document revisions, and it does so with tremendous ease.  All I do is ask it to watch a set of directories, and FileHamster will track them in real time.  Every time I save a file, or add a new one, it will copy it to a backup directory as a new revision. 

Any time I want to look up an older version of any document, I find that it’s neatly stored away for me.  It’s that simple.

It also supports a number of plugins which includes notes, logs and Zip compression for users who want that extra touch.  Promisingly, FileHamster looks to have a growing community with members participating in forums, wikis, and giving feedback, so watch this project for more great new features. 

How do you organize your documents?  Tell us in the comments! 

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236 Replies to “Document Backups and Version Control in a Jiffy – FileHamster”

  1. Yes, this tool rocks! I love it, love it, love it!
    Hey, I saw we all ‘digg’ this article and see if we can get it pushed up the rankings.

  2. It only takes one “Holy crap!!! I just saved over the top of my original file, oh yeah, I can get the previous revision in FileHamster” to win you over for life. =P

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