5 FREE iPhone and Android Apps That Help You Lose Weight

Guest post by James Clark
weight 300x200 5 FREE iPhone and Android Apps That Help You Lose Weight
In today’s world of advancing technology, even cellphones have become smart. These clever smartphones, as they are called, offer a plethora of features that can make your life take a huge turn, all for the better. Did you know that your smartphone can even help you lose weight? Well, apparently it can with the help of the following apps, and that too absolutely free of any cost. Join us as we go through some of the most effective weight-watchers available to smartphone users.

Setting Weight Goals With Noom Weight Loss [Android]

If you’re an Android user, Noom is the perfect app than can help you shed those extra pounds. This free app provides Android users with a holistic weight loss toolkit which they can use to determine their goals and track their progress with regards to their aim. Apart from the goal setting and progress tracking function, Noom can also help users track their intake of food and keep a count if their calories, and also keep a log of whatever little exercise they are getting even from their daily routine activities so that they can make their lifestyle a healthier one.

Tracking Your Runs With Endomondo Sports Tracker[Android]

This free app is available to all Android, iPhone and BlackBerry users who are fond of jogging, running, cycling or any workout that gets them on the run. Endomondo Sports Tracker makes use of GPS to track the user’s route and shows it on Google Maps, all while keeping a tab on his lap time and maintaining a workout history which can be easily browsed through. Of course some people use iPhone monitoring software to get the GPS tracking done, but this is a better way of getting the job done. It also adds an element of fun to your workout routine s you are cheered on by your friends and receive notifications every time you complete a mile.

Gaming and losing weight with Eat This, Not That! – The Game[iPhone]

This free iPhone game can be the most effective guide to healthy eating as it educates you regarding the nutritional value of different foods in the most enjoyable way possible. Much like “The Price is Right” for food which allows you to spend wisely on food, this app helps you in deciding your meals wisely in terms of calories. Increase your knowledge as you choose between two similar products to guess which one is lesser fattening and more nutritious.

Nike Training Club [iPhone]

This free iPhone app is nothing but good news for those users who want to avoid the high cost and awkwardness that accompanies the perk of having a personal trainer to help them work out. The Nike Training Club brings a variety of workouts from the professionals at Nike as well as professional athletes and celebrity trainers and allows users to choose from the most basic to the most complex routines to help tone up their body. The best part is that these routines are designed specifically for women and keep their exercise needs in mind.

Yoga on the phone with Pret-a-Yoga Lite [iPhone]

Available to iPhone users for free, this fantastic app is great help for yoga beginners who want to avoid bending and sweating in a gym environment as well as a good reference source even for the advanced yogis as they try to maintain their yoga routine while on the go. Pret-a-Yoga Lite can serve as your own personal yoga instructor as it guides you through every minute detail from breathing to postures while allowing you to refer to images and audio instructions.

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