7 Free Tools To Check and Analyze Website Loading Speed

hyperdrive 7 Free Tools To Check and Analyze Website Loading Speed

Simpler straight to the point tools (Beginner)

Google Developers Page Speed Test – What Google thinks of your site and check your mobile version

pagespeed 7 Free Tools To Check and Analyze Website Loading Speed

What’s great about the Google Developers Page Speed Test is that this useful online tool comes straight from Google, and these are the guys you’re trying to impress, are they not? This web speed checker is also amazing because it puts your problems into specific categories and orders them by importance: high priority, medium priority, low priority, and already done. If you fix some of these high priority issues that come up when you’re analyzing your site, you can be assured that your website will be faster and Google will appreciate your effort.  They also evaluate your mobile version if you click on the ‘mobile report’ link which comes up after your desktop results are generated

iWebTool Speed Test – Check multiple websites at once

websitespeedtest 7 Free Tools To Check and Analyze Website Loading Speed

The iWebTool Speed Test is different from other tools that you can use to check how fast your website loads in that it gives simple data and allows you to test up to ten websites at the same time. If you’re looking to just quickly get a couple of pieces of data in terms of how fast your site is, and are not hoping to see things like data waterfalls and tips to improve your site’s speed, then the iWebTool Speed Test is for you! This is a free service, but it only allows you to make ten requests per hour. This seemed like a reasonable restriction to me, so I felt comfortable sharing it with you all. This website speed checker is not great at in-depth analysis, it just gives you loading times, but is perfect for quick comparisons and to identify if you have a problem at all in terms of loading speed.

Neustar Web Performance – Keep tabs of your website speed history as you tweak it

neustar 7 Free Tools To Check and Analyze Website Loading Speed

The Neustar Web Perfomance tool from Browser Mob is great because it keeps a running history of the sites that you’ve looked up – for instance, I looked at this website’s speed yesterday when I prepared this post, and its data still showed up today when I visited the site. Like Pingdom, the design of this tool is wonderful, and it gives some simple-to-understand statistics. In addition to this, Neustar also provides a waterfall and data from four different locations around the world!

WhichLoadsFaster – Side by side comparisons

WhichLoadsFaster is really a great way to compare your site to others in your niche while actually having a bit of fun! Since you’re tired of staring at waterfalls and looking at different metrics, it’s time to get down to business fun. Just type in two different websites, and then watch them load! Sounds boring, but once they’ve both loaded you can see which one is faster and by how much! Geeks, it’s better than it sounds – you’ll just have to check it out if you don’t believe me.

Stats heavy tools (Advanced)


webpageperformance 7 Free Tools To Check and Analyze Website Loading Speed

WebPageTest is for those techies who run websites and actually know what they’re doing. By that, I mean that they understand what first byte time, static caching, and are interested in seeing which individual pieces are taking a long time to load. If all of these things sound foreign to you, WebPageTest’s extensively detailed Waterfall will probably be of no use to you. If you’re comfortable with Waterfalls, you can really get some great information from the WebPageTest website speed checker! For people who just want the basics, this site also gives your URL a score out of one hundred and a couple of sub-section grades for quick analysis.

Pingdom Tools Website Speed Checker

pingdom 7 Free Tools To Check and Analyze Website Loading Speed

Pingdom Tools is one of my favorite website speed checkers if only because it is laid out professionally and in a way that makes it easy to navigate between your site’s different statistics. I personally like their Perfomance Grade tab which labels several subsections and gives them a rating out of one hundred – things rated very poorly are aspects of your site that you might want to take a look at at some point. The fact that Pingdom also tells you how your site compares to all of the other sites tested on the web is helpful, but make sure to do more than one run for this, as results can vary.


gtmetrix 7 Free Tools To Check and Analyze Website Loading Speed

GTmetrix is a web speed checker that is divided into two main components: website speed and YSlow grade. Your site gets a letter grade for both of these areas, and clicking on a tab helps you to see why you got this grade and what you can do to fix it.

This post was written by Jack Kieffer