12 Geeky Online Clocks And Timers

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watch 12 Geeky Online Clocks And Timers

When you’re sitting at your computer, there’s always that danger of getting sucked into the abyss of doing nothing. There’s YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and all sorts of other time-wasting things you could be doing. (While you’re supposed to be working.) A great way to make sure that you don’t waste too much time is to use these 12 geeky online clocks and timers! Some of them are fun and some of them are solely functional, but all of them keep the time! (To be honest, there are a couple that will probably make you waste more time than before, but whatever.)


Timer For Your iPad No App Required

When you’re on the go, and you need a timer, you can just use your iPad! iPad Stopwatch is a timer that, unlike some others, does not use Flash. It is also sized so that it will show up nicely on the iPad’s display, and has large, tappable plus and minus buttons for adjusting the time.  Why use this?  Because you don’t have to install another app on your iPad.  Just bookmark this site and visit it when you need a stopwatch.

Pomodoro Timer: Productivity Booster

pomodoro 12 Geeky Online Clocks And Timers

Many of you have probably heard of the Pomodoro technique for time management, and it has probably helped some of you. The Focus Booster is basically an online Pomodoro timer that isn’t really good for anything else – it is set at 25 minutes, and you couldn’t change it if you wanted to. If you don’t know what the Pomodoro technique is, then its a great way to maintain focus throughout the day, and is definitely worth reading up on.

Online Meditation Timer: Relaxation

If you’re a fan of meditation, which, contrary to popular belief, is not the same as sleeping, then the Online Meditation Timer is for you! You can set preparation and sitting times as well as quickly add or subtract five minutes from the time during your period of meditation. "You mean sleeping?" No, I don’t. "Well then I must be doing it wrong." You are.

The Poker Clock: Online Poker Timer

pokerclock 12 Geeky Online Clocks And Timers

The Poker Clock is for those guys who just want to hang out with their friends a play a few card games – specifically the games which involve you losing money to your more-skilled friends. You can set the round time for the game and choose blinds by using this timer! It’s helpful to keep the games moving, and to help with remembering blinds.

Collection of timers and countdowns

Online-Stopwatch is a collection of countdowns and stopwatches meant for all kinds of purposes, chess games, boiling eggs, and even metronomes.  If you need to keep time of something, this website is a great place to start.

Rubik’s CubeTimer: For Whiz Kids

cubetimer 12 Geeky Online Clocks And Timers

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can solve a Rubik’s Cube, then the CubeTimer is for you! This online timer lets you hit the spacebar to begin timing your solve, and allows you to stop the time by hitting the spacebar again. It even records your previous times on the sidebar for you so you can see if you’re progressing! Of course, you could always just use this as a regular upwards counting timer, but it is meant to be used for Rubik’s Cube solving.

Makeshift Alarm Clock : Kuku Klok

alarm 12 Geeky Online Clocks And Timers

The Kuku Klok is an online alarm clock (Yes you have to keep the browser window open).  You can choose from five different sounds and use the plus and minus buttons to set the time on this alarm clock.  Probably not the best for everyday use, but incredibly useful to have up your sleeve if you are travelling and don’t have a working alarm clock or phone.


How Fast Online Stopwatch

game 12 Geeky Online Clocks And Timers

The How Fast Online Stopwatch is not helpful, and it is not a great timepiece. But, we can forgive it these flaws, because it’s super fun! Try to click the red button twice as fast as you can – start and stop the button in the least amount of time! It sounds dumb, but if you aren’t sitting at your computer trying to beat your last time, you’re unique indeed. Would have had this post done at least fifteen minutes earlier if I didn’t include this one on the list.

Timerrr Online Countdown: Old Fashioned Fun

timerr 12 Geeky Online Clocks And Timers

The Timerrr Online Countdown is one of my favorite online timers, because it combines the old with the new. Remember those old, twist-to-set timers? Timerrr is one of those, except online. Pretty cool, if you ask me – retro is where it’s at.

The Human Clock: Different Scenes Of Time

human 12 Geeky Online Clocks And Timers

The Human Clock is one of the coolest clocks on the web! This site does not give you a cool design, like many other applets do, but it instead displays pictures that show your current time. These pictures were taken by real people, often have real people in them, and can be switched out with other pictures by scrolling down and clicking on the links there. It’s a good idea to just keep this open in a different tab and check on it occasionally to see what cool image comes up next!

Anima Clock: Wonderful To Watch

anima 12 Geeky Online Clocks And Timers

The Anima Clock is one of those online clocks that I warned you about earlier; chances are, you’re going to be spending a lot of time watching this clock change the time. It’s difficult to describe, but as the seconds pass the numbers morph into other numbers, and the design of the numbers changes with time. This is a geeky online clock that is definitely cool to look at!

Industrious Clock: Hard Working

industriousclock 12 Geeky Online Clocks And Timers

If clocks are too boring for you, and you’re looking for something more exciting, you should definitely check out the Industrious Clock. This site actually shows the day, month, year, and time, so you won’t be short on any information. Also, as things change, a hand with a pencil erases and rewrites the numbers! Fun to watch, and useful!

This post was written by Jack Kieffer.