GIVEAWAY – 5 Private Beta Invites to Unroll.Me

unrollme GIVEAWAY   5 Private Beta Invites to Unroll.Me

Too much email?  Tired of unsubscribing to newsletters one at a time? is a service which brings some sanity into your inbox by scanning it and simplifying your email subscriptions by allowing you:

  1. Unsubscribe from different email newsletters all at once using the interface
  2. Rolling all of your chosen email subscriptions up into a single digest email

Either way, it means less unwanted email, less time unsubscribing to newsletters you don’t want, less time opening individual email and a more productive inbox.  Brilliant.

It currently only works for Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL mail, which covers most of the major webmail providers.

This service is in private beta at this point so if you’re interested – just drop me a comment below.  I’ll randomly pick 5 people to get the free invites.


1. shiftey
2. betocreativo
3. hen_xuoi
4. cornz0r
5. myimmortalize