Google + Firefox = Free Music Downloads

There’s a lot you can do with Google if you can take advantage of it’s advanced search features.

Expanding on this tip which shows you how to find music in open directories, here’s a step-by-step walkthrough on how to use Firefox Smart Keyword searches to speed up the process.

All you need to do is:

  1. Create a bookmark in Firefox
  2. Use the URLs in this text file as the bookmark location in your Firefox bookmarks (like in the pic above)
  3. Assign a keyword to it – eg. music
  4. Type the keyword (eg. music) followed by the search term (eg. beatles) directly into the address bar (NOT the search box). For example… type in music beatles , and Google will search open directories for Beatles music files that you can download.

You can modify the code in the text file to change file extensions, which opens a whole window for you. For example, you can even change it to PDF and DOC to look to e-books, or AVI and MPG to look for movies.

By the way, I’m assuming you already own the media you will be downloading …

Bonus Tips:

  • The feature above only works for Firefox. If you’re NOT on Firefox yet, try it now
  • If you want to create basic smart keywords to search any web page, here‘s how.
  • Here’s a useful advanced features cheat sheet from Google
  • If you don’t find the files on Google, you can try the best bittorrent search engine ever.

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187 Replies to “Google + Firefox = Free Music Downloads”

  1. If you all want to find music, then check out it does very good searches. Also

    & If you use firefox, then you should add an ad-on by the name of ( downthemall )this will allow you to like if you get to a mp3 directory & it has 100 mp3’s in it, then this firefox ad-on let’s you right click & then you select DownThemAll & then you set the settings once & then bingo you can download all the mp3’s at once. But I usualy go in the addon under tool menu & I go into the options for ( downthemall )& I set my directory & you can even add different filters & that is to add different formats if they do not have the extention in there like if you were looking for .swf (shock wave) then you just add swf to the filters area & also if you want to add more then one then all you have to do is add like ( swf,wav,wmv,avi,wma,asx,mov,mp3,jpg,bmp,tiff ) I hope you all get it. Oh & the (Save File In ) folder at the top of the options for (downthemall) that is the folder where you are saving them & I tend to choose my music folder in the my documents folder.

    Also checkout to just listen to music, they have everything, but only to listen for free & you can buy the music, but listen for free,(still cool to me) because they have a giant selection of music to listen to.
    Also check Out

    to listen to music, just type in what you want & it will take you to the music to listen to for free, but you cannot download.Enjoy!

  2. This has been around for a while now – and I get how it works. What I don’t get – and you don’t seem to explain – is the point of the bookmark?

    You first illustrate the bookmark being created, then you instruct to search [via address field] for content – how are these related?

    What does typing “beatles music” in the address field have to do with the bookmark?

  3. um, I have version 3.5.11 and it’s not working, because when you create a bookmark it finds the location automatically and doesn’t give a blank to type it into.

    any solutions?

  4. can’t figure out how to download my favorite artists n my computer. Corrine Bailey Rae, John Legend, Josh Groben, Bobby Womack, and Nora Jones. I would like suggestions and be able to listen to them without going to other sites. I listened to your video and downloaded your site because it sounds like a safety site and if I knew how to make it my home page, I would.

    Please suggest other artists that might interest me and how to hear them. I am 62 and not real computer savvy.

    1. May I suggest you look up ?
      It’s a website which will provide you with ‘Radio’ on it, but actually lets you listen to music it knows you like (like aforementioned artists – good choices by the way) & new artists for you to listen to.

      Basically can listen to an artist & anything similar, or what you like & similar to it. (The differences probably clearer if you have broad music tastes)

      Here’s a link to the site:

      It also has a feature called ‘scrobbling’ which will log all the songs you listen to on their services.
      If you use programs like iTunes or Windows Media Player, if you have a look for Plugins on their site, it will let any tracks you listen to on there (even when offline) to be ‘scrobbled’ to your account (boosting your play count of different songs)
      The purpose of scrobbling is so that it can help make clearer your music preferences – improving what it thinks you like on it.
      Also, it’s generally interesting to see all I’ve been listening to all logged on there

      Of course if you use your iPod/Phone/etc there’s often methods for any songs listened to on there to be scrobbled to you Account.

      Anyway, perhaps this is too much detail, but this is from somebody who’s used it for a few years & still very much loves it.

      On the note of suggesting new artists; may I suggest the album ‘The Lady Killer’ by Cee Lo Green – it’s a soul album & may be something you might like amongst your aforementioned artists.
      But be warned that I’m suggesting his NEWEST album (‘The Lady Killer’) – not any of his other works (his other works being majoritively Hip-hop, which are vastly different.)

      Of course, is likely to suggest new music to you far better than I would – but it was a thought anyway

      Hope you like the site (had I mentioned it’s all Free?)

      I am 17, very much Tech-savvy & very happy to help people find new music! :)

  5. There are always 2 sides with the exact same coin, but I should say, I’m learning a great deal from your site. Sometimes other people have very limited mindset, that’s why they fail to know the other people.

  6. I got this working on Google Chrome!!!

    Open “Preferences” — “Basic”

    Under the “Search” heading, click “Manage Search Engines”

    At the very bottom is an option to “Add a new search engine”

    The 1st box is the name displayed in list of search engines

    2nd box is the keyword to jump to the search

    3rd box — paste the appropriate “%s” search string from the text file in the original tutorial.

    That’s it.

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