Google Mapping Kuala Lumpur in FlashEarth

Update: 12/8/2011: The service has been paired down to only Yahoo! and Bing Maps

A couple of days ago Google Maps had a huge update with tons of satellite images that were previously only made available to Google Earth.

This means that sites like FlashEarth just got a whole more lot fun for people who live outside the US. For the uninitiated, Google Earth is an application which displays satellite images of the entire earth and allows zooming down to an incredible degree.

Previously, Google Maps did not have the same level of detail as their Earth application, but all that changed two days back. What this means is that without installing any software, simply using your web browser, you can use FlashEarth zoom down all the way to streetlevel!

For all those who’ve never been to Malaysia, the picture is a view of the KLCC Petronas Twin Towers, the set of buildings which until recently, used to be the two tallest buildings in the world (surpassed only by Taipei 101)

This is by no means a substitute to Google Earth as it lacks a lot of GE’s heavy duty functionality, for example my favourite like the ability to tilt natural terrain – take a look at this tilted picture of the Grand Canyon from Google Earth… Simply breathtaking!

…anyway, it does however mean you can have a much easier time exploring the globe with just your browser.

If you’re into globetrotting, try visiting locations from around the world right from your desktop. Some great locations can be found here.

In the meantime, here’s some Malaysian locations to get you started:

KLCC Twin Towers – 3’09’28 N 101’42’43 E
National Science Center – 3’08’57 N 101’38’42 E
Merdeka Square – 3’08’52 N 101’41’36 E

Bonus Link: Google maps are also available for Mars and the Moon.

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