How To Find the Perfect Color Palette For Your Website

colors1 How To Find the Perfect Color Palette For Your Website

When a visitor lands on your website, you have only a couple of seconds to make a lasting impression. (A positive lasting impression, I might add.) The easiest way to turn a reader away from your website is to have an annoying color palette with disjointed colors that don’t complement each other. A bad color scheme does two disservices to your blog: makes it look ugly and makes it harder for readers to concentrate. Essentially, without a solid color scheme, your blog takes a hit in terms of aesthetics and functionality. These seven different online tools and communities will help you easily find a color palette than you can draw from for years! You generally have six colors in a palette – you can use these to design email submission forms, header tags, links, logos, and more! Finding a color palette for your website is a must.

Tools For Finding Great Palettes Created By Others
1. Colour Lovers Design Community For Finding Pre-Created Color Palettes

color lovers How To Find the Perfect Color Palette For Your Website

The easiest way to get your website set up with a professional color scheme, in my opinion, is to use one that somebody else has made. The chances that another website is using the same scheme is low, and it wouldn’t be a problem even if they were. Colors on different WordPress themes make the sites look completely different all the time! For example, while you might be using the provided blue for links, the other site may be using it for titles and header tags. Note when you’re picking color palettes and designing your website that you should have two types of text on your site: clickable and un-clickable. All clickable text should be one color, and all un-clickable text should be another color. This makes it much easier for readers to navigate your site. Colour Lovers lets you choose from thousands of palettes, and you can sort the creations by certain colors! For example, if you know that you want purple to be the primary color of your site, typing in purple will bring up tons of relevant palettes! You can even search by a specific HEX #, but this will probably not give you a terribly huge pool of results to pick from.

2. Kuler Offers Color Palettes As Well As A Creation Tool

kuler How To Find the Perfect Color Palette For Your Website

I decided to put Kuler under the category for find pre-made color palettes, since I really like their selection more than I like their creation tool. Like Colour Lovers, you can search designs by using a keyword or hex #, and there are plenty of palettes to browse through! You should easily be able to find one that fits the tone of your website perfectly. It’s very similar to Colour Lovers, but using Kuler in conjunction with the prior tool will give you a larger selection of palettes to choose from, ensuring that you end up with a quality set of six colors. The tool on Kuler allows you to choose a base color and then to move the other colors around this base. I would rather use some of the tools I talk about later which let you automatically generate colors, so I would pay more attention to the pre-created palettes on Kuler.

3. ColorBlender For Viewing Many Color Palettes At Once

color blender How To Find the Perfect Color Palette For Your Website

Color Blender is another awesome source for web design color palettes. Unlike Kuler and ColourLovers, lays out their palettes in a way that allows you to see many of schemes at the same time. This gives you a better idea of how your palette would compare to other sites in terms of brightness and intensity. Picking colors while isolated from other examples is a recipe for design disaster, and ColorBlender prevents that from ever happening with its unique design. Furthermore, you can search ColorBlender by Hex # and RGB scale, but not by color. (Example: you can’t just type in orange and get results.) ColorBlender is an awesome site, and second only to Colour Lovers, in my opinion.

4. InspiredMag’s List of 50+ Sites With Great Color Schemes

j holywood How To Find the Perfect Color Palette For Your Website

If you’re looking for some “real world” examples of color schemes, then look no further! There are more than 50 sites on this list by InspiredMag, and all of them have great color designs. Reading this post is a great way to find color schemes that work for your niche, and for comparing your created color to a similar shade. (If you’re trying to create a certain color, opening this page in a new tab and then comparing to a certain site would probably help a lot!) Visit this post by InspiredMag and get your creativity flowing!

Tools For Creating Your Own Color Palettes
5. 5K Lets You Choose Base Colors With An RGB Slider
colormatch How To Find the Perfect Color Palette For Your Website

ColorMatch 5K is one of the best ways to create your own custom color palettes. Often when designers just try to handpick colors and put them together into a scheme, things don’t turn out as planned. With ColorMatch 5K, you are presented with an RGB slider that lets you choose a base color. Like the aforementioned tool in Kuler, you can create five other colors to go with this color. Why is it better than the Kuler tool? It’s much easier to use. Instead of picking the five other colors and running the risk of messing up a set of complementary colors, ColorMatch 5K automatically chooses the complimentary colors for you, and it’s pretty good at doing so. I only played with it for a couple of minutes, and I devised a few awesome color palettes. (Just so you know, the color palette that I use on my personal website about geek culture was one that I obtained from Colour Lovers.)

6. ColorCombos Color Palette Tool Creates Sample Designs

combo How To Find the Perfect Color Palette For Your Website
Seeing a color palette in the typical form – six colors lined up next to each other – is nice, but it’s not as good as what ColorCombos can do. Here’s how I would suggest using ColorCombos: use a tool such as ColorMatch 5K to create your color palette, and then check how it looks by using ColorCombos. This site allows you to view a color palette as something other than a list of colors – it will use your colors to add color to an image. They allow you to choose from a cupcake, paintbrush, paint can, pencil, and more! This is a great way to see what your colors will look like on your site, and not just how they go together. ColorCombos also has color palettes that you can browse as well as a color creating tool, so this is the real deal.

7. Color Scheme Designer

color scheme designer How To Find the Perfect Color Palette For Your Website

Color Scheme Designer is the best color palette creator on the internet. (Says me, but I’ve seen a lot of color palette creators.) You get to choose a base color yes, and from there on out things work much like the ColorMatch 5K, with one exception – you get the ease of creation plus the customization! You can choose from mono, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic, and accented analogic for creating your palette! You should try out the tool in order to see what each of these do, since they are difficult to explain. This is a wonderful tool for creating amazing color schemes in just minutes!

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