How to Get a Google Music Invite [Closed Beta]

googlemusic How to Get a Google Music Invite [Closed Beta]

Hey – Google’s new awesome cloud music service is out on closed beta!  It syncs to the cloud so all your music is synchronized across all devices.  It supports both online streaming and offline listening in a very seamless manner.  Create instant play mixes across your whole music selection whenever you want.  That, any many more cool features. 

Chris from the Google Music team does a much better job of explaining it in this video, than I ever will.

videoc45e1a417c7b How to Get a Google Music Invite [Closed Beta]

Sound good? 

Well it’s currently a closed beta but I have 5 super-exclusive invites to giveaway.  Please note that it’s only open to US based users.

Enough talk – are you going to give them away or what?

Yes – just fulfill this simple criteria:

1. ‘Like’ my facebook fanpage (If you have already liked the page just proceed to step 2)

2. Drop a comment on this blog post saying you want an invite.

At the end of this week, I’ll randomly pick 5 lucky people to get an invite to this closed beta.

Go ahead, join my facebook page and drop a comment :)

UPDATE: 16/8/2011: And the randomly selected people who walk away with a cool and exclusive Google Music Invite are:

1. Scot Merrick
2. Havilson
3. Zeffri
4. Gladys
5. vhick

Congrats to the lucky ones, and to those who participated and didn’t win – thanks for supporting this giveaway. Your participation means a lot to me.