How to Make or Break a Habit in 21 Days []

Keeping New Year resolutions is easier said than done.  In this fantastic TED Talk by Matt Cutts from Google, he talks about trying something new for a month and using that 30 day experience to shape new good habits, or break old bad ones.

Once you’ve set out on a path, keeping yourself accountable is one of the key things you need to put in place.  It’s also one of the harder things to consistently track, mainly because we tend to put it off.


21habit is a free web service which allows you set a goal for yourself and it checks in with you daily via email.  All you have to do then is to say – Yes, you’ve done your goal for the day, or no you failed, and it will help you stay accountable. 

Here’s the twist.  

You put in USD$21 at the beginning of each task.  Every day, $1 is either refunded to you if you keep your goal, or donated to charity (all of it) if you break it.  So put it this way, at the end of the 21 day session, either you form a good habit, or people in need gets helped.  Either option is better than copping out of a New Year’s resolution because you’re too ‘lazy’.

There’s a free option as well for people who don’t want to invest the $21, but I say if you want to do this, just go all the way. 

Invest in yourself.  You’re worth it :)

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  1. I’d seen the Matt Cutts video before, it’s pretty interesting. I think I gave up jogging after about 10 days though. I like the 21 habit spin though, financial motivation is what I need.

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