How to Accelerate iTunes downloads

autobahn How to Accelerate iTunes downloads

It’s hard to find a faster download accelerator which works better than the Firefox extension – ‘DownThemAll’.  It uses a smart download technique called ‘multipart download’ where it splits files into multiple sections which are downloaded simultaneously. This maximizes the use of bandwidth, and increases average download speed up to 400%.

While ‘DownloadThemAll’  is brilliant for browser based downloads, ‘Autobahn‘ is an iTunes accelerator which applies the same ‘multiple download’ technique to iTunes downloads.

Speaking from personal experience, I was extremely please with the results yielded during testing, and the download speeds for podcasts were literally blazing fast compared to whatever I was getting earlier.  Aside from iTunes, ‘Autobahn’ also optimizes video download speeds from Veoh and Myspace videos.  Available for Windows and Mac, Autobahn is free.  


  1. [...] They also offer a premium version which speeds up acceleration of iTunes downloads, but you can always use other free options for that feature.  [...]