How to Fix Stuck Pixels and Burn-in on LCD and Plasma Screens

Stuck Pixels To anyone who has ever bought a high end display device, you know how much you loathe to see the dreaded stuck or dead pixel on your screen!

What is a stuck or dead pixel?

A stuck pixel is a point on a screen that does not display the correct colour. Stuck pixels are fairly common on high resolution LCD screens. Stuck pixels sometimes start working again with time unless they appear black on a white background, these are known as dead pixels.

How can you fix it?

JScreenFix will help fix stuck pixels on LCD screens. Most stuck pixels are fully repaired within 20 minutes. Some users have reported that JScreenFix can even fix dead pixels!

It will Work for TVs, PDAs, Mobile Devices, and even corrects Plasma & LCD Burn-ins.

Oh yes… the best part – it’s completely free!

Via PCDoctor

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  2. Hey, I read the about the pixels that it’s caused by a faulty transistor. I tried all the methods, even the stupid ol’ fashioned ways of pressing a damp cloth to your screen. Didn’t work for me…

  3. Wei Soon: Try the program to see if it works? I guess there may be more than one way a stuck/dead pixel can come about.

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