How to Join Powerpoint Files Instantly


An easy way to store away multiple presentation files from a conference or event is simply to merge them all into one single Powerpoint file.  That way you:

  1. Reduce clutter in your folders
  2. Don’t have to wonder which was the one-of-20-presentations you were looking for

No, you don’t have to copy and paste slides from each presentation.  Just use Powerpoint Joiner, and it will run a script which will take care of all the merging of files with just a few clicks. 

Also useful if you have to regularly compile a standard set of Powerpoint files from various sources.

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  1. If you are using a Mac, you can merge multiple Powerpoint Presentations into one master file with PowerPoint Merger. Don’t think there is a Win version but this puppy saved me some valuable cut/paste time.

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