How To Save Money and Paper With The Google Docs FAX Feature

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Google Docs is a free service that allows members to create documents and presentations, send them, convert them to different formats, publish online, and much more. Now, you can use Google Docs with a handful of online fax services to create, send, and receive faxes in a much more streamlined manner.

When connected with your mobile, the ability to create and fax documents on the fly via Google Docs gets even easier.
There are still just a handful of fax services offering Google Docs support and/or full integration; however, the services that are offered make it easy and efficient to fax from just about anywhere, including a mobile device. Online fax services like the ones below are affordable, eliminate the need for machines and paper, and completely streamline your virtual office.

1. Ginza Fax


Ginza Fax is a Google App that when installed, turns your Google account into an inbound and outbound fax service, allowing you to seamlessly send and receive faxes. According to published information in the Google App Marketplace, Ginza Fax allows you to send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world, and offers a free trial, after which monthly plans start at $4.99 (USD).

How to Integrate with Google Docs: Ginza Fax published a brief, one minute video on YouTube to demonstrate how to use their faxing service with Google Docs.
Other features of Ginza Fax include that the service will log your fax activity right into your Google Calendar, and that you can simply attach a file to an email to fax it anywhere. You can also manage fax spam by blocking anonymous senders.

2. InterFax


InterFax is a similar service to Ginza Fax. Like Ginza Fax, you can use your Google Docs account to receive faxes. However, the main difference lies in the way in which faxes are sent. With InterFax, a bookmarklet is installed and when you open a file, you just click the “Fax This” button to send it.

How to Integrate with Google Docs: InterFax integration with Google Docs is simple, and involves only the activation of Google Docs within the InterFax account, and installing and using the Fax This bookmarklet. InterFax published a series of web pages on their website detailing how to use it with Google Docs.
Limitations with InterFax are that only documents created in or converted to Google Docs format, or documents that are in PDF format, are supported. InterFax services start at $10.00 (USD).

3. PamFax


PamFax is another online fax service that integrates with Google Docs, but has a simpler pricing model than the previous two. With PamFax, the first three faxes after sign-up are free, and then after that, fees are per fax. There is no advertising on any fax at any time.

How to Integrate with Google Docs: PamFax offers support for a handful of online storage systems, including Google Docs. When sending a fax, you will be prompted to select an online storage system, where you can find your document and then fax it. PamFax published a how-to in their online knowledge base.

PamFax also integrates with Skype, and can be used with an Android mobile device, and offers several add-ons, including Facebook. Along with its low rates and no contract obligation, PamFax is a good option for people who need to fax only casually as well as those who need a flexible faxing solution.

This guest post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for a neon sign store that offers customized neon signs, and who also consults for a task management company.

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