How to Schedule Your Facebook, Twitter and Email Messages to Be Automatically Sent Later


There can be many reasons why you’d want to send a Facebook, Twitter or Email message later.  Maybe you’re in another part of the world and you want your Facebook to be updated at a different time.  Maybe you want to send a tweet to all your friends so you want to space it out across the day.  Maybe you just want to say something – but not right now.  Here’s a useful guide on how to do just that.

1. How to Schedule Your Facebook Status to Be Automatically Updated Later


LaterBro is a free service which helps you update your Facebook status on any chosen time and date.  It even lets you schedule Facebook updates to be recurring so you can share the same thing daily, weekly, or however often you so desire.  Perfect for updating Facebook when you’re not at your computer.

2. How to Schedule Your Twitter Status to Be Automatically Updated Later


Future Tweets allows you to also schedule your twitter to be updated later.  It’s got an extremely slick user interface which also allows you to set recurrences and buffer up your tweets along the way.  Perfect for wishing someone on Twitter ˜Happy Birthday’ in advance so you never forget.

3. How to Schedule Your Email to Be Automatically Sent Later


DeferredSender has got to be the most elegant email scheduler I’ve ever used.  Once you sign up, you just need to send your email to, and then inside the email body, just state your recipients email address and time, and it will deliver it accordingly.  The really cool part is that it will understand what you mean in regards to timing. 

For example you COULD say 4pm, or you could say in 3 hours, or you could just say tomorrow or next month, and it will understand and process the timing of your email delivery.  Also, the email will look like it’s coming from your actual email address, so everything’s pretty seamless.  Perfect for sending important email reminders.

When do you schedule messages for later?  Tell us in the comments :)

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