How to Stop Internet Explorer’s Annoying Clicking Sound

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This is one of those things which I cannot believe I tolerated in the past – The annoying clicking sounds IE makes every single time you click on a link.  Here’s how you turn it off.

  1. From the Start pop-up menu on your desktop, select your computer’s Control Panel.
  2. From this list, pick Sounds and Audio Devices (for Windows XP) or Sounds and Multimedia Properties (for Windows 2000). 
  3. From the tabs across the top, pick Sounds.
  4. Scroll down and you’ll find a category called Windows Explorer. The last item under this heading is Start Navigation. Click this to highlight it.
  5. In the box just below this, called Sounds, open the pop-up menu and scroll to the top to choose (None).
  6. Click the OK button to close the dialog window – and you’re done!

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…but then again – why are you using Internet Explorer?  You should be on Firefox!

1,048 Replies to “How to Stop Internet Explorer’s Annoying Clicking Sound”

  1. To whoever it was that said “delete the file” — thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have saved me from quite possibly YEARS of therapy after going MAD from listening to that BLOODY CLICKING NOISE!!!

  2. If the clicking sound is random (without mouse input) then it’s being caused by some trojan annoyance. don’t look to the messenger for the answer though

  3. thanks so much for your tip to this rather irritating and annoying problem. Your suggested solution worked for me. Many thanks again.

  4. Wow, surprised so many hate the sound! I actually like it in both IE and Windows Explorer. It’s an audible confirmation of the navigation actions I’ve initiated. If I don’t hear it, it throws me off and I question whether the last action completed. Not to mention it can helpful to those with not so stellar eye sight and who key up more on audible sounds! ;)

  5. Hey there fried beef

    I have no idea as to who what and where you are but just want to say a big thanks to you for this info. It worked a treat and now I am not sitting in front of my computer screaming at it to shut the eff up.
    Yes I suppose I could switch off the speakers but then would have to on and off all the time to listen to the news braodcasts. Thanks again it has certainly made me a lot calmer.
    Best regards
    Peter Slade

  6. Thank you for the suggestion. It worked perfectly.

    I had checked out the sounds area of Control Panel before, but I had not seen a section for IE just Windows Explorer.

  7. Thanks ever so much. I was about to pull my hair out over that stupid clicking. But I am searching for the file mentioned above to make sure there is no trojan by that name.

    Thanks Again

    1. Well, you could turn off windows update and disable some services. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and look at services tab. Look them up on the web and see if you need them. Then you can change which are active in Control Panel -> Administrative services. Be very careful though, as some are necessary for important function.
      It is a good idea to keep updating and run regular virus scans to minimise threats.
      Probably the only way to make absolutely sure is to never use it online.

  8. THANK YOU!!! God I hate IE, but I’m forced to use it on my office PC. That damn clicking sound was really driving me nuts. Can’t believe MS still hasn’t gotten rid of it. Oh well, that’s one of the many reasons I use Firefox.

  9. Thank you forever. I was losing my mind. What kind of idiot would think this kind of clicking/banging would be acceptable?

  10. I always used Firefox – until now – version 5.0 is totally freaking out – doesn’t respond 1/2 the time. I mark to open links in new tabs – it opens in new window instead…

    I sure hope they get a more stable version out soon!!

  11. I find windows sounds infuriating – especially when I am recording something and want to navigate the computer.

    I have tried turning them off, but Windows XP – ‘works the way you want it to’ – doesn’t believe that I really want sound off and turns them back on again!

    My foolproof way is to go to Windows/media folder (you may have to unhide the contents) where you will find all those annoying sounds that have been bothering you. Delete the lot! If you are a bit wimpy, then create a new folder in ‘media’ and move all the sound files into it. In either case – the result is blessed silence and Windows cannot reinstate the damn things.

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