How to Summarize PowerPoint Slides Efficiently

powerpoint How to Summarize PowerPoint Slides Efficiently

Every good presentation deck needs a summary.  It needs a conclusion, a summation, a call to action.  

These two tips will help you summarize your PowerPoint deck quickly so you can build a convincing beginning and ending to your presentation.

Summarize all headlines with one click

 powerpoint2 How to Summarize PowerPoint Slides Efficiently

Instantly have PowerPoint create a summary slide from all your existing slide headlines with this tip…

  1. On the View menu, click Slide Sorter
  2. In Slide Sorter view, hold down CTRL while you click the slides that have titles that you want to include in your summary slide
  3. On the Slide Sorter toolbar, click Summary Slide  How to Summarize PowerPoint Slides Efficiently
  4. If the Slide Sorter toolbar is hidden, on the View menu, click Toolbars, and then click Slide Sorter
  5. The summary slide is created and added to your presentation


View your summary slide and your presentation deck side by side

powerpoint3 How to Summarize PowerPoint Slides Efficiently

Rather than summarize everything, sometimes it works better if you type in your summary as you go through your slides one by one.  Tired of flicking back and forth between your slides and your summary slide?  Try this tip…

  1. Within PowerPoint, Go to the Window menu and select New Window.  A new window for the same instance of the presentation will open
  2. Go to the Window menu once more, and select Arrange All 
  3. Both windows should arrange themselves neatly side by side
  4. You can now flip through your slides in one window, and write your summary in the other.  Remember this is a single instance of PowerPoint, so whatever changes you make in one window will affect the same presentation in the other. 

Both these tips be used to aid the creation of the summary, and in most cases should not be used as the summary by themselves. 

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