Malaysian Blogosphere – In Person

It’s one thing to read someone’s blog, but it’s always great to meet the people behind the writing.

I managed to attend a pretty large Malaysian blog gathering last week and got to meet a whole bunch of interesting bloggers including fellow Malaysian tech bloggers, LiewCF, Zeo and HongKiat.  Thanks Wingz and co. for organizing the event!

blog gathering

Picture Source: Shaolintiger

If you want to know how the event turned out, check out’s comprehensive list post about the event.

Also, on another note, I also did a quick interview by WordPress specialist blog  Check out his post!


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463 Responses to “Malaysian Blogosphere – In Person”

  1. Moses says:

    Thank you James, was a pleasure to interview you.

  2. wingz says:

    thank you for coming and be a part of this. I always wonders who is the face behind friedbeef .. now i know ledi!

  3. LiewCF says:

    thanks for the plug. you are younger than I thought you are :P

  4. Boss Stewie says:

    was great meeting you dude

  5. hongkiat says:

    Cheers (Kilkenny) :)

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