PC Decrappifier + Googlepack = New Computer Setup Kit

1058123146807862143 rs PC Decrappifier + Googlepack = New Computer Setup KitBoy, I really wish I had found this before I had to unload all the junk on my Dad’s new Dell laptop. PC Decrappifier makes it easy to take out what you don’t want, and make your brand new PC feel — brand new, and not bogged down with bloated software.

In order to keep low production margins profitable, PC manufacturers are now charging software companies for the right to pre-install their products on your new PC for a price. Unfortunately, most of whatever is installed, is absolute junk.

Combine this tool with Googlepack, which makes it easy to add good free software — and you’d have the perfect kit to set up a new computer.

Note: ironically, If you’re viewing this from Malaysia and reading this webpage in July 2006, you’d probably see a Dell GoogleAd on this page.