41 Sites Which Openly Allow Guest Blogging

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Guest blogging has gained in importance since Google increased the value of original content over time. Duplicate content went down in value, article directories went down, backlinks for the sake of backlinks went down. Useful, original content went up, and with it, the value of a guest blog post.

It’s a win-win-win situation: The blog owner wins because it helps bring in fresh new content. The blogger wins because it’s a quality backlink as well as exposure to a new audience. The audience wins by getting a different perspective on a favorite topic. If you’d like to use guest posting to expand your message and reach new audiences, there are a few common best-practices to keep in mind.

  1. Write for the blog’s audience.
  2. Send an original post that appears nowhere else on the web (unless the blog owner specifically tells you different).
  3. Link to your own website in the resource box, and don’t use affiliate links anywhere in the article. Most bloggers accept informational links in the body of the article, but clear it with the blog owner.
  4. Do your best work and correct grammar and spelling errors before you send it off.

That’s pretty much it. Different bloggers will have different instructions about how to contact them, how to get your blog post to them, the length and so forth. These rules are all to help you write a post that fits their blogs, and so take them as friendly advice from someone who really wants to be able to publish your post.

Here are 41 great blogs on a number of topics that invite accept guest posts. They’re not by any means the only guest blogging opportunities around, but if you want to get started in guest blogging, you can probably find a few candidates here that are looking for the kind of writing you do.

About the list:

Each of the items in the list includes the name of the blog and a link to the page detailing guest post submission guidelines. And then there is a brief description of the topics covered in the blog.

I also include Google’s PageRank and the Alexa rating for the comparative power of the blog. Google’s PageRank affects how high a site will appear in search engine results for a keyword it covers. Higher is better. The Alexa ranking is based on traffic in the home country, and "1" is the top. If a site has a ranking of 459, that means 458 sites get more traffic than it does in its country. The numbers are good for a general reading, but they can fluctuate wildly, and they’re always out of date. So if you see a site that is a really good fit, go for it. Don’t be dissuaded by the numbers.

Blogger Forums

  • Blog Engage PR 4, Alexa 8,675 Blog Engage is a bloggers’ showcase, where members either post to the site or link to a post on their own site for other bloggers to rank it and give feedback. There are also occasional blogging contests with cash prizes.
  • My Blog Guest PR 5, Alexa 4,977 My Blog Guest is a community of guest bloggers and bloggers who need guest columns. Put an article in the forum, and a site owner can come and use your post, giving you credit. Or site owners can tell bloggers what kind of post they’re looking for, and you can write to fit the bill. There is also a forum offering paid blogging opportunities.

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  • Copyblogger PR 6; Alexa 2,972 This powerful media company started as humble blog. The blog provides some of the best copywriting and content marketing advice around. A guest post in Copyblogger puts you in the top tier of bloggers.
  • Successful and Outstanding Bloggers PR 5; Alexa 86,828 Successful and Outstanding Bloggers wants success stories and information about small business, big brands, social media, writing and entrepreneurs.
  • Phil Simon Systems PR 5; 680,495 The Phil Simon Systems blog focuses on technology, management, social media, publishing, consulting, Enterprise 2.0, and the like.
  • Bigger Pockets PR 4; Alexa 14,428 Blog giving tips and news for real estate investors, homeowners, agents, mortgage lenders, other real estate professionals, real estate press and bloggers.
  • MT Herald PR 3; Alexa 221,969 The MT Herald is a blog for medical transcriptionists and includes topics relating to the health information field, as well as personal investing and financial planning.
  • One Woman Marketing PR 4; Alexa 292,792 One Woman Marketing provides marketing tips for solo preneurs and small business owners.
  • Everyday EMS Tips PR 4; Alexa 1,923,074 Everyday EMS Tips is a blog supplying information for emergency medical servcies professionals and students. The site owners encourage guest bloggers who are EMS professionals or students. Those not in the industry who want to write for the site are asked to donate to the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride before submitting.
  • Geek Business PR 5; Alexa 1,496,065 Geek Business describes itself as "detailed tips and information to webmasters on how to combine being a successful geek and successful business person simultaneously."
  • Career Alley PR 4; Alexa 702,109 Career Alley focuses on career, job search advice, and job search site reviews.
  • Small Business Trends PR 6; Alexa 9,250 Small Business Trends offers mostly marketing-related topics of interest to small business.
  • Fresh Energy PR 5; Alexa 2,514,626 Fresh Energy is a site dedicated to "fresh energy issues," such as clean energy, energy efficiency, transportation and land use, and global warming.

Blogs about Blogging

  • Blog Godown PR 4; Alexa 44,183 Blog Godown features tips for blogging and social media. Instead of emailing the post, you write it directly into their WordPress post box. The blog owner will review and publish it, if it’s a good fit.
  • Problogger PR 6; Alexa 2,022 Get your site ready for an avalanche of traffic if you get accepted to this high-powered blog by Darren Rouse. The blog is mostly about how to make money blogging.
  • Men with Pens PR 5; Alexa 74,125 Men with Pens is one of the top writers’ websites around. Don’t be fooled by the title, though. Although the target audience is "men with pens," women writers are welcome. In fact, the site owner is a woman who writes under the pseudonum of James Chartrand.
  • Quick Online Tips PR 5; Alexa 5345 Quick Online Tips actively solicits guest bloggers to write about tech, advertising, marketing, computers, gadgets, blogging, WordPress, SEO, Google, tips, tricks, hacks, etc.
  • Daily Blog Tips PR 5; Alexa 4,458 Daily Blog Tips gives how-to information on blogging and internet marketing.
  • JayPee Online PR 4; Alexa 81,822 JayPee Online offers technology news, blogging news, WordPress news and updates, WordPress theme and plugin reviews, gadgets, free software, and tips and tricks.
  • iBlogZone PR 3; Alexa 16, s667 iBlogZone gives simple techniques to improve earnings, find small business opportunities, increase traffic, improve conversions, search engine optimization and everything else related to online business or the social web.
  • Famous Bloggers PR 4; Alexa 8,257 Famous Bloggers is a site that actively solicits guest bloggers, focusing on business, SEO, marketing, design, social networking, making money online, and blogging tips.
  • Kikolani PR 4; Alexa 14,792 Kikolani publishes up-to-date news on blogging techniques and technology, making money blogging, and personal development for bloggers. She periodically closes guest post submissions and reopens when she’s cleared her backlog to keep the information fresh.


Home, Family and Lifestyle

  • Money Saving Mom PR 5; Alexa 5,127 Money Saving Mom talks about coupons, deals and money-saving hints for families.
  • Summer Tomato PR 5; Alexa 88,389 Summer Tomato gives actionable tips for healthy eating and healthy living. Note that for your guest post to be considered, you have to donate $10 to Charity Water.
  • e-Patients PR 5; Alexa 457,411 E-Patients is the blog of the Society for Participatory Medicine, which aims to get patients informed and involved in their health care.
  • "Cents"able Momma PR 2, Alexa 61,010 "Cents"able Momma offers money-saving tips and ways to earn extra money.
  • Twenty-Something Travel PR 4; Alexa 58,788 Twenty-Something Travel is a guide to long-term world travel, exotic destinations and other travel matters for the the footloose and fancy-free.
  • Simple Productivity Blog PR 5; Alexa 53, 6518 The Simple Productivity Blog presents ideas for productivity, simplicity, balance and life design.
  • Frugal Living NW PR 4; Alexa 60,284 The Frugal Living NW blog focuses on frugal living and homemaking. It follows a series of themes that change every two months. See the editorial calendar for a listing of 2011-12 themes.
  • End the Neglect PR 5; Alexa 2,719,232 End the Neglect is a blog dedicated to preventing and curing neglected tropical diseases and and focusing on other global health issues.

Personal Growth and Productivity

  • Life Optimizer PR 5; Alexa 71,372 Life Optimizer focuses on personal growth and effectiveness.
  • Procrastinating Writers Blog PR 4; Alexa 1,021,462 Procrastinating Writers Blog offers help for creative writers trying to overcome procrastination.
  • Head Heart Health PR 2; Alexa 635,037 Head Heart Health focuses on healthy living, mind-body-spirit, and self-esteem for women.
  • Real Men Real Style PR 4, Alexa 234,681 Real Men, Real Style teaches men to improve their wardrobe and lifestyle.
  • Productive Flourishing PR 5; Alexa 77,105 The tagline of Productive Flourishing is "strategies for thriving in life and business." The blog aims to help people think more clearly, ask better questions, and do the things that will enable readers to flourish.

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  • Right Now in Tech PR 4; Alexa 593,325 Right Now in Tech features stories about technology and science.
  • 40tech PR 2; Alexa 135,010 40tech’s owner describes the blog as being about "technology, gadgets, the internet, software, and video games for those over 40, but not over the hill."
  • Regular Geek PR 4; Alexa 269,988 Regular Geek writes about software development, web development, programming.
  • TechSling PR 3; Alexa 69,913 TechSling blog covers news in the computing, mobile, and gaming world.
  • Tech Gyo.com PR3; Alexa 51860 Tech Gyo presents news about the internet, Twitter, computer, blogging, WordPress, social media, make money online, search engine optimization.

Placing Your Guest Post

These are 41 sites that present good opportunities to increase your traffic, get good backlinks and spread your message. It’s by no means all the opportunities you could find. For more sites, you can google the phrase "guest post* guidelines" + "YOUR KEYWORD" (filling in the actual keyword you’re looking for).

Alternatively, if you know of a blog you’d like to write for, the owner might accept your post even if there is no "guidelines" page. Simply outline a post that would be a good fit for the blog and email the blog owner, using the contact page information. Explain why you want to write for the blog and the idea you have for an article. If the blog owner sees it as a good fit, you might find a home for your post. The worst that can happen is that you look to place it somewhere else.

Guest posting has become a hot topic, and the practice is not going away. Put it to good use to build a bigger audience for your blog.

This post was written by Jan Bear.  By the way, this blog ALSO allows guest posting.  Just drop us a line if you’re interested.

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