My Favorite Online Video Service [Frequency]

I’ll be honest. 99% of all my online video consumption is on YouTube. I simply don’t have time to go through all the other niche video sites which also have amazing content. Good content however exists on every platform, which is why I use Frequency, which is both a free web based service, and a free iPad app which crawls all the various video services, and supercharges it by taking the best videos from all the services, and letting you browse them easily.

My three favorite things about this app are:

1. You can view highlights from many sites at once

frequency videos

Link up all your feeds from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and just pick some of your favorite topics (eg. New York Times for news) once, and Frequency sorts out everything for you ongoing.  This essentially lets you browse channels you care about very, very quickly and watch the videos which appeal to you the most no matter where it comes from. 

2. You’re watching a video stream not a video

One key difference between online video and TV, is that online video is much more interactive.   You watch a video, decide what’s the next video, and keep going on. Frequency is a much more laid back approach where playlists get created dynamically, and one video goes on to the next – without interaction – Just like TV.  Strangely this only works on the iPad version.  PC version, you still have to click on each video to play it.  I guess they figure people are more laid back when using a tablet. 

3. Highlights are YOUR highlights

Frequency has a section called ‘Your Highlights"’.  This is where the most popular content from your feeds be it Facebook, news, and other networks get aggregated and you can watch it all in a continuous stream.  If you want to go deeper into certain topics, you could also create your own stream and add the relevant channels to it.  In my case, I have one channel just for funny videos.

All in all…

While you’re waiting for YouTube to release an official iPad app, this is the way to go. No video app on the iPad gives you as much fun,and it runs really well on the website alone :)