The Best Free Music Downloads – Top 5 Legal Ways To Get It

legalmusic The Best Free Music Downloads   Top 5 Legal Ways To Get It

Picture this, you just bought a spanking new 30 Gig MP3 player, and finished transferring your entire music collection on it, but guess what – it’s still half empty! Instead of letting that extra space go to waste – How about filling it up with free music? Well, here are 5 places you can start:

1. Free Classical Music

On Wikipedia you will find a gigantic list of classical music downloads which are in the public domain, or shared by the commons law. Get songs from all your favourite composers from Bach to Beethoven here.

The drawback though is that the files are in .Ogg format, which may not be the most popular or widely supported file standard. If you cannot play it on your desktop, Wikipedia has some tips to help you along.

2. Music Blogs

What I like about music blogs is that they often talk about the story behind the song or artist in a personable manner rather than just offering up a link to a song. Here are some of of my favourites – all of which contain songs you can download.

3. Free Itunes Music

If you have an Itunes account, these webpages aggregate all the free music tracks available for download on Itunes.

4. Creative Commons 365 Project

Dedicated to spreading the Creative Commons philosophy, Indieish is running a project where only one creative commons song is showcased everyday. This project has gained widespread acclaim on the web, and because of the one song limit – quality is rarely compromised.


Being the granddaddy of free legal music downloads, has offered countless artists the chance to strut their stuff before the world. It still offers up one of the largest collections of free legal music to date.

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, you can always use the good old Google + Firefox route :)

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