Top 5 Ways to Trade in Your iPod

With Apple constantly refreshing their iPod lineup, it can be a pretty frustrating experience for any early adopter trying to keep up with the latest and greatest MP3 players.  Here are 5 ways that can ease the burden on your pocket by trading in your trusty old iPod. 

Our acid test – Which was the most affordable way (excluding shipping costs) of getting a used 2GB 2nd generation Ipod Nano, still in good condition – upgraded to a 30GB 5th generation Ipod?

Recycle iPods the official way

As part of their environmental policy, Apple is offering environmentally friendly disposal and a 10% discount on the purchase of a new iPod through it’s US retail outlets.  With this program as well as others, Apple’s recycling programs worldwide have processed more than 34 million pounds of electronic equipment since 1994.

Acid test results: New Ipod at the Apple store at USD$249 with a 10% discount = USD$224

Get a Cash Return with ‘Beyond The Pod’

Operated by trade in specialists ‘Drop Spot’, this service trades on the lowest common denominator … money.  You don’t have to buy another iPod from them – just sell your old one to them and pick up another iPod somewhere else.

Acid test results:  New iPod from the Apple store USD$249 – Old Nano selling value USD$53 = USD$196

Auction off your old iPod on eBay

If you’re willing to go through the trouble of properly listing a product, and dealing with an auction process on eBay, you may find that the returns on your old iPod to be substantially more than other methods.  A quick check on eBay express showed quite a good ‘buy it now’ market value.

Acid test results:  New iPod from the Apple store USD$249 – Old Nano potential sale on eBay USD$99 = USD$150

Upgrade, Trade in or Sell your iPod on PodSwap

While sellers could sell their iPods via online auctions, Podswap eliminates all the hassles of listing, collecting payment, shipping, and dealing with post-sale issues.  Offering both cash, and trade-ins as options, this service is a very complete solution.

Acid test results:  New iPod from the Apple store USD$249 – Old Nano selling value USD$53 = USD$196

Get more money off your old iPod with

Started off in USA by Jeremy Cohen and Brett Mosley in 2006, this site has recently gone international.  Offering to pick up iPods in any condition whatsoever.

There are a few other competitors out there but we feel our site offers the best prices, simplest use and friendliest customer service. said Mosley…. and after looking at the numbers – they do seem to be on track with that promise.

Acid test results:  New iPod from the Apple store USD$249 – Old Nano selling value USD$67 = USD$182


If you are a risk taker, eBay looks like the top option for you.  If you want something with less hassle – BuyMyBrokeniPod seems to be the best bet.

If you want to get a deal for your NEW iPod – consider this list of excellent places to shop online

How do you deal with your old MP3 Players?  Let us know in the comments!

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347 Replies to “Top 5 Ways to Trade in Your iPod”

  1. It is always not worth it when you trade in. Best is to try sell it online.(If it is still working condition)

    Else just pass it to your baby nephew to play as toy. :D

  2. actualy i loved my ipod, but when problems started with it..

    i started really hate it.. can u imagine that, the main company of it can not fix it and i took it their around 4 times and still have the same problem which is restarting alone and some times there is a white screen became and there is a msg that say “please conect ur ipod with the PC for storage” that’s really funny and the mother company cant fix it… i really hate ipod and apple..

  3. That is strange – because as far as I know Apple never tries to fix your product – it usually just gives you a refurbished one.

  4. FYI…

    You must lock the Ipod to keep it from turning itself on. To do this, turn the Ipod off, then slide the hold switch to lock.

  5. Im updating my ipod my 4g ipod nano. Can i sell it with the songs? Its got over 900 songs on it, i just thought i would get more with the songs on it.. But does it brake copyright laws or something??? or when the buyer plugs it on to there itunes what happens?

  6. Thanks for this list. I’ve just added a post on recycling iPods. It’s not only good for the owner of the old iPod but for the Environment as well. Hope you have a good new year!

  7. You may also consider getting the new iPod for free. This way, you won’t loose money. If you are interested in how to get iPods forn free, I suggest you reading this article:

  8. i have an ipod 3rd generation i wanted to give it back to bestbuy but there return policy sucks
    i was wondering if you could help me
    i want a iphone instead
    i would trade it for that\
    text me or call me at 706 5730621

  9. I have a ipod touch 3rd gen 8GB and a ipod nano 4th gen 8GB, but i want to have a ipod touch 32GB. please suggest ways guys

  10. I have an ipod touch 32GB black barely and scratches on the back and nothing on the front and sides. $170. Text me at 9103796590 for pictures and details.

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