Top 8 Best Windows Defrag Alternatives


One of the low points of using Windows as your operating system of choice is that you have to defrag its file system once in a while to keep it running at an optimal level. This is because of the way Windows stores and delete files which makes your data scattered all over the hard disk, thus making the process of finding it later becomes slower over time.

To makes matter much worse, the default Windows defragmenter is not that efficient but thankfully, there are many free Windows file defragmenter applications out there that does a better job.

Here are 8 of the coolest, free windows disk defragmenter alternatives:

1. How to defrag just files and folders with Defraggler [download]

Defraggler does not only enables you to defragment selected disk drives, it also allows you to defragment selected files and folders! That way, you can quickly defrag what you want without having to wait for a lengthy, full disk defragment process. It also comes in a portable and single 1MB executable file.

2. How to defragment files that are open for exclusive access with PageDefrag [download]

Unlike Windows NT or Windows 2000 default defragmenter, PageDefrag is able to defragment files that are open for exclusive access which is the highlight of this cool product.

3.How to defrag in the background with IOBit Smart Defrag [download]


SmartDefrag will perform the defragmentation process automatically without your intervention. Being smart, it continuously runs in the background as you work with your computer. A manual defrag option is also available. This is one of the best, free disk defragmentation program that you can find out there. Best of all, it is free for home and commercial use!

4. How to get a portable defragger with WinContig [download]

Yet another free disk defragmenter that comes with a file / folder specific defragmentation option so you don’t have to defrag an entire disk partition. Does not require any installation and Windows Vista ready.

5. How to defrag using less system resources with JKDefrag [download]

With this tool, defragmentation can be run automatically or manually with the user’s consent. JKDefrag suits techies that prefer extra defragmentation options because it is run from the Windows command line interface. One of its unique features is a screensaver version that shows you the defragmentation process.

6. How to defrag faster with Auslogics Disk Defrag [download]


This tool supports FAT 16, FAT 32, and NTFS volumes. Comes with a user friendly interface and performs defrag slightly faster than the default Windows defragmenter. Excellent, easy to use user interface for both beginners and experts.

7. How to defrag and optimize file placement with UltimateDefrag Freeware Edition [download]

Another free disk defrag that comes with a file placement tool that aims to place your files effectively so you can have maximum performance from your hard disk.

8. How to defrag files upon detecting changes with Buzzsaw On-The-Fly Defragmenter [download]

This tool install and runs as a Windows Service and will defrag your files as soon as it detects changes, only when your computer CPU usage is minimal, thus reflecting the On-The-Fly catchphrase above.


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462 Replies to “Top 8 Best Windows Defrag Alternatives”

  1. After evaluating some of the freeware and commercial defraggers, my preference for a hassle free efficient defrag is Diskeeper. The full version has some advanced features like the auto option that are really useful.

  2. The best defragmenter, in my experience, is Diskeeper 2008 Professional. It has features such as MFT defrag, page file defrag, fully automatic defrag (also manual or scheduled), simultaneous multiple drive defrag, an excellent GUI, VSS compatible defrag (for Vista) etc. etc. None of the freeware defragmenters in the list have all these useful features. All I had to do with Diskeeper was install it and switch on the automatic defrag, it did the rest. The only downside is that Diskeeper is not freeware, but then again, i guess you get what you pay for.

  3. I use Diskeeper in my desktop PC and OO Defrag on my laptop. After defrag my external hard disk using OO Defrag, the drive working more faster. When I click open the drive, it displays instantly. Not sure about Diskeeper because I always set it to run at background. Probably it is good or maybe not.

  4. in my opinion i think the best software for defragmenting your drives is ultimate defrag free version.It defrags everything and ur pc running a lot much more faster than ever….

  5. Most of these use the same Windows Defrag API that the built-in defrag uses, so all you’re getting is a different interface into the same functionality. From the JKDefrag page: “JkDefrag is based on the standard defragmentation API by Microsoft, a system library that is included in Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, and 2008. Most defragmenters are based on this API, including the free defragmenter that comes with Windows and many commercial defragmenters.”

  6. I use Diskeeper Pro premier 2009 It is the Best defragmenter Ever been made .. I know this version is very very very costly but it is worth buying.. it has unlimtied hightech features and very smart defraging engine so my choice is This!!!!!!!

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