5 Useful Online Resources for Cat Lovers

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cat 5 Useful Online Resources for Cat Lovers

We all love our feline cuddly creatures just like they love a low-hanging piece of string, but often times we find the Internet doesn’t share the same love for us. Useful pet websites can be difficult to find compared to other topics such as sports and technology, so here are 5 useful online resources made just for cat lovers, like you and me!

1. How To Get Accurate Health Advice Concerning Your Pretty Pet

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Cats are supposed to have nine lives anyway; and as pets, we usually take it for granted that they will live illness-free and content for the rest of their lives – only to be brought to a jarring halt when our beloveds suddenly begin to display sickly symptoms. Fortunately, most of what your cat may go through has been experienced by other cats in different parts of the world and can be diagnosed. For instance, I found out that my cat’s unretractable inner eyelid would heal by itself in the course of a week.

The Cat section of Ask The Vet’s Pets has a comprehensive log of the various different kinds of diseases your cat may encounter. It’s written with the intention to be easily understood, and as a bonus is written from the perspective of the author’s cat, so you actually get an entertaining read-through that empathizes with the cat folk rather than a medical report. There’s also an equally useful Dog’s section here if you, like many others, own both a dog and a cat.

2. How-To Tutorials On The Daily Rearing of Your Cat, plus Useful Hints & Tips

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Cat Lover’s Only may seem like one of the millions of cat blogs “littering” (pun intended) the Internet, but beneath the homely front page and the 1990s design is a goldmine of tips and hints on the best way to care for your cat. What’s great about Cat Lover’s Only is that it doesn’t just contain facts written from the author’s experience; he or she was actually trying to compile a comprehensive database to advice other cat owners, with links to other websites appropriate to the topic.

This site details the author’s personal journey in finding the best cat food (from looking up on the toxicity of different kinds of foods to answering questions on organic cat food), gathers up research by different cat benefit groups to discuss the health effects on cats, and recommends acceptable cat foods with links to the manufacturer’s website.

And that’s just one page on cat food! The rest of the site is peppered with similarly valuable information on different topics, and there’s a good chance you can find whatever your fix is here.

3. Where To Buy Cat-Related Products Online

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Want to complement your cat’s presence with an outfit of cat-shaped furniture in your home? Desiring to dress-up your cat in frilly bows or “cat shirts” like you see on TV? Fortunately, where there’s demand there will be a market, and from the looks of things it seems like cat-related goods are high in demand. Here are just a few places you’ll probably want to visit if you’re looking for something cat-flavored:

  • Celebrating CATS: Mugs, bags, T-shirts & tumblers
  • Cozy Cat Furniture: scratching posts, pet stairs, cat towers, cat houses & cat beds etc.
  • CatToys : Cat toys, bowls, parasite solutions, litter accessories, odor and stain removers
  • MeowStore: Cat stuff for humans!

4. Where To Share and Discuss Your Cat Love With Other Cat Lovers

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If you own a cat, you must know by now how lovable, adorable, and all-sorts-of-able they are, and it’s hardly surprising that people in millions of other households feel exactly the same way. At the same time, Internet forums are a great place to discuss topics with others around the world at the speed of light. Mix both together and you get the ultimate combination of “awesome”: online cat forums.

Here, you can discuss topics such as pet health, share cat pictures to bask in their mutual cuteness, or just talk plainly about cat-related stuff. There are just too many cat forums around the entirety of the Internet, so I’ll just list down a few of the good ones I’ve come across:

  • VetClick – talk about your furry felines in good company of veterinary professionals here!
  • PetForums – Cat shows and events in the UK; photos, adoption classifieds and discussion forums for everyone else!
  • CatWorld – from cats in Australia, for cats all around the world!
  • PetLovers – concerning nearly any pet you can think of, including thousands of cat-related posts

5. How To Reach A Feline Adoption Agency or Helpline, or Travel With Your Pet

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If you need contacts, this list provides crucial contact information in the event of a pet emergency such as the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS) .  It works across many different countries, and is handy to have as a bookmark.

This post was written by Aaron Pek