Want RSS in Outlook? Use RSS Popper

One of Outlook 2007’s new features is going to be the ability to read RSS within the email client itself. This free add-in however enables you to do the same thing with current versions of Outlook.

I think it’s kind of ironic that I first felt RSS was meant to replace email subscriptions, and now it’s come full circle and I’m reading my feeds in Outlook.

Not that I’m complaining mind you. I still reap all the benefits of RSS like :

  • Subscribing for content significantly faster than email. Most feeds require one or two clicks.
  • No signups required means no risk of spam when you subscribe.

And I get to make use of Outlook rules to:

  • Consolidate my feeds
  • Flag them for later reading
  • Filter out read items and mark as read/unread
  • Store all stories in the feed throughout the day (Never miss a front page story on Digg again)

Anyhow, I really believe the native integration of RSS within Outlook will finally give it enough of a push for it to be a mainstream method of content distribution.

Basic key functionality like importing and exporting OPML make trying RSS Popper an effortless free experience.

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