3 Things ANY Blogger Can Do To Help Japan Disaster Relief

The damage is beyond terrible.  The lives lost irreplaceable.  The impact on Japan and the rest of the world, simply indescribable. 

Yet, you can make a choice.  Sit idly by, shake your head, and feel sorry for Japanor do something about it, and drive people to do more about it.  These are a few things I’ve put together which should help you do the latter as a blogger. 

1. Give and get others to give


Just feeling terrible about the situation won’t really change much.  Put your money where your heart is and give.  Friedbeef’s Tech is going to be MATCHING whatever is given by YOU our readers until a USD500 limit. 

All you need to do is:

  1. Donate to any organization which is providing relief for the Japan earthquake and tsunami.
  2. Send in proof of the said donation to jamesyeang [at] gmail.com . 

All MY matched funds will will be going into Groupon Malaysia’s Red Crescent/Red Cross relief fund which in turn will be REMATCHED again.   So any funds you donate will be multiplied at least 3x.  So follow your heart and give!  *See update below*

Your local area should have their own fund, but you may also donate directly to the Red Cross via Google’s Crisis Relief page

After you’ve done it, blog about it, and use whatever influence you have as a blogger – big or small, to drive your readers to give more.

2. Embed a hellobar on your site


A hellobar is a thin horizontal bar which comes up at the top of your blog and provides readers with a simple message.  In this case, we’re adapting it to support Japan relief.  It’s eye-catching, yet does not disrupt your theme, and it’s for a good cause.  That’s all the reasons you’ll ever need to install one. 

Mashable has an excellent set of simple instructions on how to do this in under 5 minutes.

3. Embed a simple tool to help others find and provide information about potential missing Japanese people

Basic communications are down, so Google has put together a Person Finder tool where anyone worried about the their loved ones can look them up by name, and others can submit information as well.  In short, it’s an adhoc database to connect people.  You’re also able able to embed the tool like what I’ve done for this post.

Hope some of these tools help you get started.  Even if you don’t have a blog, please do drive people facebook/twitter account to help so at least the people you know can be drawn to action, not just watch in horror as events continue to unfold.

Update 20/3/2011:

Campaign has ended, in conjunction with Groupon Malaysia reaching their matching limit of RM25,000. We have matched a grand total of USD$242 towards this cause. All proof matching has been sent to individual donors. Please continue to donate directly to Japanese disaster relief.

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  1. a really think this is great advise.
    I already had created a blog but i think i will start again.
    In the mean time


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