A better way to browse the web… (Firefox)

130 MILLION Downloads can’t be wrong.

Firefox (Released for free by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation) is the safer, faster, and better alternative web browser to Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Ever since it’s release, it has been receiving rave reviews by taking the web experience to new heights, and today we’re going to take a closer look at it.

getfirefox.com already has simple beautiful explanations of what the Firefox browser can do for you, so I’ll just tell you all the cool things you can do with one click with Firefox:

  • ONE CLICK to navigate the web faster using tabs
  • ONE CLICK to access multiple search engines (Smart Search)
  • ONE CLICK to instantly read your latest news (Livebookmarks)
  • ONE CLICK to access your bookmarks from a toolbar

As mentioned earlier in the post, what is highlighted here is just the simplest of functions. Firefox does much more than this, which is one of the great things about it – that it caters for both the novices and the power users with ease.

If you need more convincing about Firefox, see what others have to say:

If you think IT publications are too techy and cannot be trusted:

  • Wall Street Journal‘s Walt Mossberg said “Security, Cool Features of Firefox Web Browser Beat Microsoft’s IE”
  • Forbes Magazine rated it as their favourite web browser in their best of the web section.

If you think business publications have all “sold-out” and cannot be trusted:

  • Countless other personal testimonials can be found here

… at least try the Opera web browser before going back to Internet Explorer :)

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  1. THanks Ken.. but I didn’t come up with that line.. it was taken from another Firefox promo… I was just trying to keep the message consistent.

    Luis – Thanks, that’s the idea really. Point people to this post, or get the flyer and send it to your non-FF friends, or print it out.

    Meanwhile, if anyone has got more one-click tips, feel free to leave a comment and share your tip with eevryone else.

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