Avoid The Hassle of Free Registration… (BugMeNot.com)

Below is a train of thought which goes on in my head more often than it really should.

I’m not a member, I just want to read ONE article from your site.

“Register for NYTimes.com.”

I really don’t want to sign up for anything

  • “Breaking news and award winning multimedia
  • New York Times newspaper articles
  • Arts & Dining reviews
  • Online Classifieds”

That’s great, but I just want to read that ONE article.

“It’s free and it only takes a minute!”

Can I please read that article now?

If the above is how you feel when you see a signup screen when all you want to do is read a story, read on.

If you love filling up forms, click here

Thankfully, the nice folks at bugmenot.com have created a community where like minded individuals can have access to the free logins that others have created and submitted to the site.

If you go to Bugmenot.com, you just tell it what website you want a login for, and it pulls up login details which users have submitted.

A faster alternative would be to use a Bookmarklet or the Firefox extension (which I personally use), which allows you to get the login details right away without having to visit the Bugmenot site. Both these tools can be found on their site.

All your questions on how legal (it is – paid content is not included on the site, only free content is available) and how ethical it may be (that’s up to you), and how you can remove your site from Bugmenot listing can be answered here

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