Facebook Project : Kiva Christmas Charity Drive


Hi everyone,

Since it’s 10 days to Christmas, we’ve decided to do something special for the holidays! 


We’ve talked about Kiva on this website before, but for anyone who doesn’t know, Kiva helps 3rd world entrepreneurs through microloans.  It’s our charitable favorite movement here at Friedbeef’s Tech, so we’re setting aside one US dollar (with a limit of 300USD) for every new user who ˜likes’ our facebook page from now until December 25th to help out this great cause. 

Here’s a rough idea how Kiva works, and if you need more info, their ˜about’ page is much more comprehensive.




Anyhowas I write this, the count of people ˜liking’ the facebook page currently stands at 2,552 fans.  So if you haven’t joined us on facebook yet, there’s never been a better time to do so. You can even ‘like’ the page directly in the box below

Update: Project has finished with 209 new fans and USD210 USD set aside for Kiva :)

Finally, if you’re on twitter or facebook, please help me spread this project within your social circle :) 

33 Trees Giveaway Project : Save the World and Get Free Stuff


How to you save the world and get free stuff at the same time?  Well now you can do just that. 

Since past giveaways on this site have been going pretty well, I’ve initiated a new project for Friedbeef’s Tech, and it’s called the 33 trees project.  The mechanics are simple:

  1. Sponsor plants 33 trees via Mokugift in exchange for the rights to give something away on this site
  2. Readers get free stuff


Our aim is to plant 1,000 trees by the end of the year – and we need you to help us! 

Reader’s benefit and how you can help

Your benefit as a reader:

  • You get to help plant trees.  These giveaways work mainly because sponsors see the demand and exposure it brings them.  The more you participate, the more you support this tree planting project.  Who knows?  Maybe next year this project may just be called the 100 Trees Giveaway Project.
  • You get free commercial quality stuff which otherwise would have cost a fair bit of money

How you can help:

Just participate for free :) 

Here are our first two sponsor giveaways: Totaling USD$524 amount in value

They have planted 33 trees each *applause*.  Feel free to participate in either one or both of these giveaways!

Would you like to sponsor the planting of 33 trees?  Check out out our project guidelines.

Friedbeef’s Tech Readers Help to Change The World

10 days ago, this blog set forth on a comment drive for charity – enabling readers to change the world by simply dropping a comment.  I’m happy to say we got a pretty good response, as we received 25 comments telling us about non-profit sites from across the world!

Here’s the thing…Based on the number of comments I received, I was supposed to donate USD$25 for medicine to nurse a malnourished child back to health… but I just found out that ChangingThePresent.org doesn’t currently accept Malaysia (my country) as a donor country (why?)…


Not one to be thwarted – I’ll still be sticking to the USD25 donation, but will be buying gifts from WorldVision Malaysia instead.  25 USD converts roughly into RM80, and this was how the money was used.

  • 1 insecticide treated net which provides protection for children and their parents in India for RM20
  • 1 year’s education and school materials for a poor native child in Malaysia for RM30
  • 1 donation to the HOPE HIV/AIDs fund to help to care for those who have been affected by the epidemic RM30

17 ways to change the world through the Internet

Here’s a look at the sites that were submitted for this project by our readers:

  1. FreeRice.com – A web game which donates rice to feed the hungry and improve English at the same time! – Thanks and Ty & LeftOverChef
  2. Global Fund for Women – An organization championing women’s rights around the world – Thanks Anna
  3. Plan USA – Helping the poorest children in the world – Thanks GaG
  4. Mercy Malaysia – Malaysian rapid medical response for the assistance of communities affected by disasters be it local or international – Thanks Syahid
  5. RedApes.org – Dedicated to saving Orang Utans from extinction – Thanks yvy
  6. TheHungerSite – For a few clicks each day you can earn money to help a variety of causes – Thanks Colin
  7. The Water Project – Helping those with lack of access to clean water – Thanks Peter
  8. Katine Project – Improving the lives of the 25,000 inhabitants of Katine, a village district in Uganda – Thanks Andrew Turner
  9. Alliance for International Monasticism – Provides financial support that helps monasteries get projects going within the community – Thanks Sister Edith Bogue
  10. World Community Grid – Donate spare CPU cycles to help research programs for AIDS/HIV & cancer – Thanks Yasser
  11. World Vision Australia – Sponsor a child and help them get their basic needs – Thanks Lizabeth
  12. Sepilok Orangutan Appeal – Help preserve Orang Utans in Borneo – Thanks Lizabeth
  13. Tzu Chi Foundation – Buddhist relief organization – Thanks Jonathan
  14. Kiva.org – microfinance site helping poor entrepreneurs – Thanks gLf
  15. Bubel Aiken Foundation – helping young people with special needs – Thanks Bobbi
  16. PhilAbundance – Food bank in Philadelphia – Thanks endgamebaby
  17. Heifer – Helping to build sustainable communities in needy nations worldwide – Thanks TRWexler

Find something that interests you – and get involved today!

Thanks for making a difference!

Note: This is a followup post in response to ‘How to Change the World. One Gift at a Time‘.  Find out about this blog’s other charity initiatives here.

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Friedbeef’s Tech is Two Years Old

Happy new year, and happy birthday to Friedbeef’s Tech!

Born on December 31st 2005, this blog is now officially 2 years old :)  It’s been a busy year for Friedbeef’s Tech.  Here are some of my favorite moments:

and so much more…

It’s been a blast… thanks so much to all of you for reading, and subscribing to this site. 

You guys really, really, really make all the effort worth it.

Here’s to a bigger and better 2008!

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Looking Ahead – Tech Predictions for 2008

Ah, 2007 is almost over, and around about this time last year, I wrote a post outlining my tech predictions for this year… let’s see how I did – and let me once again stick my neck out on what I predict for 2008.

3 out of 5 ain’t bad

thumbs up

2007 Prediction #1: Google will allow cross-product searching

Result: Miss.  Despite the obvious advantages of having the ability to search across all your personal Google stored documents (Gmail, Google docs, Google calendar etc), Google still hasn’t gotten down to it yet…

2007 Prediction #2: Open widget API’s will become a reality

Result: Hit. It started with Netvibes launching their Universal Widget API, and Google soon following suit with their Open Social effort.  Finally, platform providers have adopt a common development plan where development efforts are no longer duplicated and widgets (or gadgets) become interchangeable between services.

2007 Prediction #3: Podcasts will have a more structured business model

Result: Miss. Adsense for Podcasts?  News of this buzzed around early in the year, but nothing came out of it. 

2007 Prediction #4: Large Enterprises will start embracing Web 2.0 business suites

Result: Hit. While Web 2.0 didn’t inspire a massive change in the business landscape, we have started to see big businesses having a more open mind.  One of which is Mozy, an online backup startup which snagged a big deal from GE.  Countless companies are also embracing Web 2.0 in the form of having their own Facebook presence.

2007 Prediction #5: Microsoft will open up Internet Explorer 7.0 to everyone which will usher in RSS for the masses

Result: Hit. Previously only available to validated Windows users, Internet Explorer 7.0 removed the need for validation this year, also resulting in a mass exposure to RSS feeds and possibilities. 

2008 predictions

I’m going to stick to my guns for my first two predictions.  I really believe that in 2008…

  1. Google will allow cross-product searching
  2. Adsense for Podcasts will become a reality

2008 Prediction #3: Facebook will join Open Social

Conspicuously left out of the Open Social launch, all of Facebook’s competitors including MySpace, Bebo, and Friendster have joined hands with Google to create an open platform for widget development.  2008 will see both sides reach a mutual agreement as they both realize having an open platform is the best way to grow.

2008 Prediction #4: The Basic PC will take the world by storm

2008 will see the rise of the cheap PC optimized to run web-apps, and be dirt cheap.  The rise of machines like the OLPC and the Asus Eee PC will sound the death knell for their portable high end cousins – the UMPC.

2008 Prediction #5: One of the new Web 2.0 financial management sites will be hacked

Mint, Wesabe and Geezeo have made quite a lot waves this year because of their financial management tools.  The information (which may include bank and credit card info) stored on these web services make it a particularly lucrative target for hackers, and I predict at least one of them to be compromised by the end of the year. 

What are your predictions for 2008? Tell us in the comments!


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