How to switch Google profiles in Chrome WITHOUT using Incognito Mode


I’ve had my Gmail and Adsense accounts in two different accounts, and so far, the only way to log in to both of them was to use the Incognito window… which does the trick, but it is pretty cumbersome opening another window and typing in your passwords all over again every time you want to do this.

So if you want to take the easy way out (which is what all the tips on the blog are about), follow these steps:

1. Use Chrome (Why wouldn’t you?)
2. Do this

This will add a seperate user profile where all you need to do is click on the top left and select your profile. This will open a new window which has your new profile.

chrome profile
chrome profile

Why would you want to do this???

If you’re either:

1. Too lazy efficient to key in your password ALL OVER AGAIN every time you get onto Incognito mode
2. Not wanting to bother logging out, and let your family members use the computer
3. Wanting a separate set of browser bookmarks & passwords to make life easier

Just go with this solution. It carries across everything, from your passwords to your history to you bookmarks etc.
So yes, life really can be that easy.

Thanks to Anil for this cool tip :)

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