How to Change the World. One Gift at a Time

Happy new year!  What better way to start the year than trying to change the world. is a brilliant site which allows you to make donations in the forms of specific gifts.  Not a shopping site in disguise, 100% of all donations are channeled directly to charity.

Recognizing the fact that people are more inclined to donate when they know exactly what the money is going to be used for, has a whole range gifts for various causes so you can pick the one closest to your heart. 

Help a child today!

To kick off the new year, I’m going on a charitable comment drive.  This is how it works – I will donate one gift to, and to make things interesting:  The size of my donation will depend on the amount of comments I receive for this post.

If this post gets:

My plea to you – Tell us about your favorite non-profit organization’s site in the comments

I’m not going to set any conditions for the comments, but it would be really great if this comment thread became a valuable resource… So when you leave a comment, please tell us about your favorite non-profit organization’s site…  It can be a local organization, or an international one.  It can be really famous, or extremely obscure.  It can be a charity, or environmental, or any worthy cause under the sun – It’s entirely up to you! 

That way, this comment drive will not only increase the size of the donation – but help everyone who reads this post learn about other ways to make a difference!

ps.  If you blog, you can also contribute by linking to this post and raising awareness.

The deadline will close, and the donation will be made by January 11th 2008 so please get your comments in as fast as possible!

Update 11th Jan 2008: We’ve made the donation at the 25 comment mark!

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442 Replies to “How to Change the World. One Gift at a Time”

  1. Clay Aiken, the true American Idol, is an Ambassador for UNICEF and is in Mexico this Christmas Holiday visiting victims of the horrible flood last year. Clay Aiken has THE BUBEL AIKEN FOUNDATION – serves to bridge the gap that exists between young people with special needs and the world around them. They support communities with inclusive programs and together creates awareness about the possibilities that inclusion can bring.

  2. The Alliance for International Monasticism.

    I hear you say, “What?” Believe it or not, monasteries have had a lot to do with development, literacy, and progress throughout the world – beginning with Europe in the middle ages. They run schools & clinics in areas where there are none. Because they practice frugal and communal living, they are able to pool resources and energy to accomplish more than outsiders do.

    AIM provides financial support that (a) helps monasteries get projects going and (b) supports the development of monastic life to sustain the communities.

  3. I don’t usually post comments on websites but for this article, felt like I should…

    A local project that I couldn’t find a website for but definitely admire is “Timmy’s Raindbow of Hope”, named for a second grader from California who died in 2001 from pediatric brain cancer. His classmates and younger brother drew pictures that were put together in a calendar and sold to raise money to give to UCSF medical center.

  4. I am also an advocate of I can’t remember the URL but another great project going on is one where you can actually buy a goat for a family. This is great project since you are not just feeding someone a meal or two and then letting them fend for themselves again but you are giving them something that can give them food and nutrients through goats milk for years to come.

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